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desperate! my skin is horrible

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I HATE people looking at my skin it really bothers me. I have been to 2 different spas to get help and it seems like I get different information and am supposed to spend $200+ a month on trying to get it fixed... There has to be something else that will work. I have 2 young kids I really can't afford that.
My problem is I still have break outs from time to time, and will ever week or so get those larger boilers (I think is what they are called, basically a big red bump) on my chin. I have a few acne scars but it's mainly the little breakouts and redness and I have large pores on my chin, forehead, and my cheeks around my nose. I just bought the Glycolic peel (35%) from Skin Laboratory and have been using that the recommended twice a week for the past 2 weeks and it doesn't seem to be helping much. My skin glows right afterwards and my pores look a little smaller, or maybe it's all looks I don't know. My skin never peels. I had a peel done back in Oct (professionally) and my skin peeled so I expected it to again, not sure if that is normal or not. I have also been using Aveda products.
This is very frustrating and I feel very self consious about my skin, I just need something that is going to work! Thanks.
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if your skin is that acne prone,i would not suggest drug store brands,for some reason i found that high end products work much much better, i had a bad acne problem but in the last 6months i switched to a brand called Dr.Brandt and some other high end retail products from Sephora i'd suggest using Dr.Brandt Poreless Cleanser&Toner following with the Poreless Gel,Poreless Moisture,and Purifying Mask... as for Glycolic products,for acne prone skin i'd suggest DDF 10% Glycolic Oil Control, and if you have scars try Murad Post-Acne lightening gel with 2% Hydroquinone also use Murad Acne Spot Treatment it contains sulfur that will bring acne up to the surface rather than sitting there deep down in your pores!!
Prescription Tretinoin cream (.05%) is the only product that works for me. I use it every night, and during the day I moisturize with Burt's Bees Naturally Ageless. I still get the breakouts when I'm about to start my period, but that's it. Also when you cleanse use a gentle facial brush instead of your fingertips, the brush really helps get all the dirt &makeup off so your skincare products can penetrate much better.
Also, Make Up Artist's Choice makes some awesome masks and peels for acne-prone skin!
If the peeling aint owrking microdermabrasion might. Make sure your washing makeup and stuff off properly too.
I agree with Patience, you should try Microdermabrasion. It can get pretty expensive though, so it might be best to tough it out for a month or so with a cheaper brand of acne fighting products and then once you have enough for a few sessions of Microderbrasion, go and give it a shot.
you must face the truth when you come to pimples. What suits you may not work for her.
you must face the truth when you come to pimples. What suits you may not work for her.
Well, that's kind of obvious, but what does work for me MIGHT work for her, so why not give the advice? Besides, that's the point of this forum isn't it?
Agreed. Need to be careful though. Especially with tretinoin and dermabrasion. needs to know the side effects and proper advise before doing it. Eg tretinoin cause redness and inflammation and too much of it might worsen your skin etc. So, i still tink the usual advise only apply to the mild case. Not the moderate to severe type. those people need helps from the health professional like dermatologist or even the GPs
I'm using Arbonne's acne pills. I think they are about 20.00. it's been helping with my skin. I get blackheads on my face and back and I haven't noticed them as much. I've also been using their FC5 line for oily skin. It's the first thing I have tried that hasn't left me totally dried out and doesn't have a million different steps.

I sympathize with the boilers on the chin! And have you ever noticed it's only us grrrrls who get them there?! Hormones!

I don't know your situation, but sometimes the right BCP can really clear the skin up pronto! Or spironolactone, which also regulates the hormones without being a contraceptive agent. Either way, a Dr office visit is needed. Even your OB-GYN, whom you see once a year anyway (right?) can discuss it with you and get you headed in the right direction. Once the hormones are under control, the skin needs less products and procedures.

Hope this might help you!

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