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dieting or just being healthy...

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A great way to cut the calories is to use lemon juice for salad dressing! ( if you like lemons, that is). Most salad dressings have sooo many calories and totally defeats the purpose of being healthy and eating a sald. You can buy bottles of lemon juice at like most grocery stores and mix it with some of your regular dressing.. and it has 0 cals!
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Nice tip! I've never thought about using lemon as a dressing. I usually buy the low fat dressings anyway.
Sometimes I would use vinegar.... But like Trisha I buy low fat low cal + I don't eat salads too often. Maybe like once or twice in a month.
I use lemons and oranges to make salad dressing all the time and you're right it is very yummy and good for you too. I mix a little w/extra virgin olive oil and presto instant YUM factor.
I usually do that also with some EVOO and my own spices! So much tastier. I think you could do so much better with eating healthier and better foods - whole grains, no white starches and all and lose weight at the same time. Also portion control is a key! Even eating healthy you can still eat too much!
thanks for the tip
I like to use olive oil, fresh herbs, dry chilli,freash garlic peeled and whole and leave infused in bottle. This is not only healthy for salads but can use on grilled fish, grilled chicken, roasted veg. Cheap, healthy, tastey and versitile.mmm
Good idea on olive oil, I try to replace my cooking with as much olive oil as possible. Olive oil has non-saturated fat and is good for your heart.
I usually mix some olive oil, lemon juice, a bit of sugar, salt & pepper for my dressing. Taste pretty good and is light.
Balsamic vinegar is good too! I eat my salad plain- its really gross at first but you can load up with things like green peppers and tomatoes! I like to put black beans and garbanzo beans on mine, its good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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