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Hi there.
I've just been reading a few of the different topics and posts, but one thing I haven't heard mention is Nutrimetics.... ??
I use Nutrimetics on a daily basis, and I find it works for me. The best product i have come across is the Nutri-rich apricot oil. Brilliant! the main ingredient comes from the oil of the apricot kernel, (seed) and it softens my face better than anything else I've used.
I has heaps of uses too, dermatisis, ecsthma, nappy rash, dry skin.... ect... and it smells beautiful too..

just a thought.........
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I love nurtimetics and LOVE the NUTRI-RICH OIL as well nothing leaves my skin feeling soft and supple like it.... Im suprised that more people dont talk about it..
Oh and im not a consultant..... just thought I should throw that in.. I started using nutrimetics when I won a facial and have never looked back.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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