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Do botanical extracts really do anything?

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I see products that advertise having botanical extracts. Is this just to market the product or are there any real benefits?
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Well, unfortunately, yes it can be to market the product too. Did you know that is what companies are doing as an advertising strageties. I may say it has lets say aloe or lavendar, but in reality it only has a trace and it is legal for them to promote it as so as long as it's in there somewhere....even minutely! Sad but true.

So do your research. AND also note, that you need to know what botanicals will benefit or NOT benefit your skin. You get the wrong botanical and it can irritate and cause opposite effects on what you are trying to achieve.

See that's the hard thing in this day and never know what to believe or for that matter, what to trust or even choose that would work for everyone's individual skin types.

Hope that helps.

Also....some products with botanicals, depending on the preservatives, may need to be stored in the fridge.

This all takes some research on your part, which is hard, because we are not all chemists and scientists to know exactly what to look for or what OUT for.
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Oh and yes they really do do things....but again it depends on what you are looking for benefits and if you choose the right type for your individual skin.
I agree with keeping these products in the fridge. If there's a lot of botanicals in there, most of the time ther manufacturer has to up the amount of preservatives, which in turn can be irritating the skin.

There are heaps of different botanical extracts. Some of them can do a lot, some might not. You always have to do a lot of research about ingredients.

Paula Begoun has an ingredients dictionary on her website that is very informative and mostly correct, even though I don't always agree with her.

Apparently I can't type URL:s yet, so you just have to Google it. ;-)
Most companies basically use a generic formula for a skin product and then add very small amounts (like .1%) of random active ingredients and extracts. Then they market the hell out of those "special" ingredients.
Exactly - as long as it has that certain percentage - they can market the hell out of it! It's like wood furniture - when they say it's made from REAL wood - NOT! As long as a certain percentage is - they can say that (and it can be veneer over particle board or MSD). SUCKS! Knowledge is power!
the sad think about this marketing the hell out of these crappy products is that it allows the people who sells the real deal to jack up the price of what ever they are selling.
Yep! Rishi and Naturally aren't kidding. Ever bought fruit juice? Look at the label. Most say "Contains 10% Juice"
The fillers are the killers.
LOL I just thought of that Juicy Juice commercial skincareteacher!
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