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Do DMAE and/or Argireline® damage the skin? Anyone have any helpful OTC info?

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So, I started looking into this because yes, I am at the age i am beginning to get wrinkes.

I looked at, in particular these two products: Replexion and Alphaderma CE.

I started trying replexion, because most of the ingredients *seemed* harmless- heard of a lot or found in common moisturizing product. It is supposed to have something in it, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline?) that is advertised as a 'botox alternative'. I tried it for about a week and a half- so far my face is just more hydrated, but my skin feels puffy, almost swollen. I'm thinking about stopping it. Anyone have any other experiences with it?

So.... here is the scary part. I did a search on Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, and there are women *claiming* it made their skin sag. One woman, in particular, claims it made her face feel like play-doh.

The one the concerns me more, is something found in Alphaderma CE, called DMAE. According to an article I've seen posted all over the internet, it firms your skin by damaging and killing the cells.
Reuters did an article on this.

So, any dermatologists/ estheticians know if either if this is true? Are these chemicals damagign skin or making conditions worse, or is it hype?

Also, anyone know if a GOOD OTC cream that hydrates and prevents new wrinkles from forming, and might even reduce the appearance a little?

Responses would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I think its really hard to find reputable information on wrinkle products and their ingredients in the internet... why? because, every company is trying to push their own "revolutionary" ingredient/product. So what they do is start posting negative "Research" about their competitors in order to get people to buy into theirs instead. In my opinion, its best to stay away from all these chemicals and antiwrinkle creams. Most of them have not been tested for long term safety and you really dont know what will happen to your skin in the long run. The best thing is to just make sure you use proper sun protection and keep your body hydrated and nourished with proper foods and plenty of water. This will make the biggest difference in your skin, trust me! I've gone through so many creams, potions, treatments and now all I do is leave my skin alone and just maintain a good diet. My skin now looks great (for my age)!
I have pretty resilient skin and I just can't use Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline®) AT ALL. I tried Alpha Derma and at first I was really happy with it. I was also using their eye product called Okusil. After about 3 weeks - OMG DISASTER !!! I didn't have wrinkles under my eyes to start with! I was using the stuff more for prevention than anything else and all of a sudden, the skin under my eyes was like crepe paper! I got totally freaked out! It took like 3 weeks to get my skin back to where it was when I started. Later on, (because of experiences with some other products too) I determined the offender was the Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline®) . On the other hand, I've had some great results with DMAE.

Ultimately, though, I wanted to streamline my routine and I started using a product that some women at work recommended to me. It's produced by a local spa. Funny thing is that I use the spa but just never tried this particular product. I'm really loving the stuff. It's called All in One Face Firming Elixir. Mostly organic ingredients and chock full of them. I think the key to it is a combination of tamarind seed extract and marine extracts. I'm not sure and frankly, I don't care!!! I'm loving this stuff and my skin hasn't looked so good in a longgg time. They have a website where they offer it and it's fairly reasonable, as are most of their products. I'm also using their eye cream right now and I'm pretty happy with that too. They're . Definitely worth checking out.

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alpha lipoic acid is a skin energizer. doesnt damage skin but gives skin the abilty to fight off free radicals. its one of the better ingredients and usually will not irriate the skin
i agre with lolli....they all bad mouth another....
my experience so far is good with alpha derma ce and another argireline product that i use just on the lines....
treitorin...a vit a cream is good for face...and proven
depending on age...sagging will happen
chewing gum helps keep the jaw line firm,or lift your neck up as high as it will go and
then hold it and stick out your tongue like a child and hold for 15 seconds every day...
those two things are suppose to tighten those muscles....just do it daily....
I think it depends on which company you buy your stuff from, for everything thing out there, there is a chemical version and an all organic version of something and I believe that is the difference! You can have organic milk which is awesome for you or have regular co. milk which is all loaded with bht, growth hormone and god knowns what other stuff and that could literally kill you!
I had a bad experience with Alpha derma CE myself and will not recommend it to anyone and yes same experience, my skin started looking like crepe paper!!! I cried for days! but now I found a small company using organic Dmae and organic ingredients and believe me you not kidding! people stop me on the street to ask me what i am using, I am 38 and i look like 26!!!! and I have been using this product for over a year, no problems soooooo why would I stop using it and I did read all negative stuff about dmae and of course was worried so I stopped using my serum for one straight month just to see if i will look like an old lady without this serum and my skin was still radiant, no sag, no crepe effect, nothing! so I do think that other companies do negative publicity just to push their stuff, that is the bottom line, you all!!!!!!!
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I had reaction to a product with Argireline. It gave a sort of numbing sensation. It made my nose and skin go soft and strange like play doh. I'm in my early 30's and it also made my skin sag. Has anyone else had a reaction to Argireline?
I had reaction to a product with Argireline. It gave a sort of numbing sensation. It made my nose and skin go soft and strange like play doh. I'm in my early 30's and it also made my skin sag. Has anyone else had a reaction to Argireline?
Argireline causes relaxation of muscles, that's why it's compared to a botox-effect. Yes, it will relax "tension" wrinkles (not other types). BUT...would you do botox all over your face? I think not, because you simply don't want your skin to be relaxed all over - quite the opposite, you want it nice and tight

So yes, it causes facial sag, certainly in concentrations high enough to give a marked effect of muscle relaxation (10-20%) if it is applied all over the face.

I have no earthly idea why any company would add argireline to an all-over face cream, for exactly this reason. Stick to using it for tension lines (frown lines, squint lines) and you may have more luck.
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