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Do edible and inedible oils contain chemicals that irritate the skin?

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Well, no one answered the last question I posted here, unless you count the scammer who wrote to me offering info on some miracle product she was pushing, but I hope this one has better luck.

I have excessively dry body skin. I tried taking fish oil, I drink lots of water, but nothing worked.

I tried applying aloe vera and all kinds of liquid moisturizers but none are strong enough for my skin. Also, when I read about the chemicals they put it creams and moisturizers, the parabens to preserve them etc, I got put off.

I tried applying petroleum jelly but got put off when I read it is ultimately harmful to the skin and adds no moisture to it. besides, its far too sticky.

I once bought a jar of Garnier anti-wrinkle cream. Not only did it not lessen any lines, when I looked at the bottom of the jar I was horrified by the many chemicals listed. I couldn?t believe we actually put all that harmful garbage on our skins.

So in an attempt to go natural I thought of using any plain cooking oil. I had read that using cooking oils like sunflower oil was just as good as using some expensive massage oil formulated specially for skin.

I don?t have a lot of money to waste on expensive oils. I do use an expensive blend of oils on my face but I cant afford that for the whole body. I live in India and its anyway not even possible to get hold of all the oils I read of that are available in the west.

I read castor oil was great for acne, joint and muscle pains, overall health etc. so I applied that for a month.

It was ok for about a month, then I started itching all over. I gave up the castor oil and started applying mustard oil. The itching is much better but still there to some extent.

Some time ago I tried coconut oil too and that caused a lot of itching too.

I am considering trying out sesame oil which I read is good for the skin. Maybe sunflower oil, which is cheaper.

But after my recent experiences I am wondering if there is something harmful about edible oils when applied to the skin? Maybe the chemicals they use to extract these oils from their source are irritating my skin?

Can anyone suggest any CHEAP NATURAL product with no chemicals that I can apply all over to moisturize my body? Thanks.
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Thanks, Mabel. I have researched shea butter and also emu oil before but have never found anywhere where I could order a free sample. Can you direct me to any such page?
Have you tried Jojoba oil? It's supposed to be very similar to the skin's natural oils. I really like it, it makes my skin feel very soft. Extra virgin olive oil is also good and I think it should be available pretty much everywhere, but it feels kind of thicker than the jojoba oil. Sunflower oil is one of the ingredients in Fawnie's DIY Olio Lusso, although I haven't tried it yet - I ordered the ingredients (including the sunflower oil), but they haven't arrived yet. You could make a mixture of oils that you like, and leave out the expensive ones. Here's the link:
Dry skin would benefit from avocado and sesame oil (not the most aromatic variety), and also a bit of extra virgin olive oil can be good in a blend. These aren't very costly and can be used all over. You might want to use lighter oils like almond, apricot, and evening primrose with for example a bit of avocado, because the first three I mentioned are rather heavy. There are several oils to choose from, and you just have to try them to figure what works for you. India probably has some fancy oils ideal for skin are, the good stuff might be much closer than you think.

Best of luck :- )

Adding; oils from foods you can eat and tolerate fine are safe for use on the skin, at least the ones listed among base oils.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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