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do you always wear sunscreen?

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Should you always use some kind of sunscreen? What about cloudy days?
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Where do I start of this one?? You MUST ALWAYS wear sunscreen, you are dumb not too. Cloudy days are a must as well, you can still get sun. You shouldn't wear sunscreen on your face with any higher SPF than 15 on a NORMAL day, it can burn your skin. I always mix sunscreen in my lotion, sunscreen that won't clogg pores, that way I have it on my body everyday! You must remember that when doing so it will take the SPF factor down a few notches. There are chemical and physical suncreens out there, so find one that works for you and wear, wear, wear.
Most foundations have a built in SPF 15 sunblock.
SPF 15 sunblocks are pretty light and nongreasy. You should definitely be using some protection throughout the day. Even on cloudy days. It will only help your skin in the long run. The sun is responsible for most wrinkles, age spots, blotchiness, etc.
i want to wear sunscreen daily but i am soo scared it will make me break can u be sure i have some stuff thats like spf 45 and its neutragena do you think it will be ok?
like I said above, you should never wear anything higher than 15 on your face on a normal day. you can find sunscreen that is noncomodogenic (spelling) and it shouldn't break you out. most people find that they have a problem with sunscreen when you go into a higher spf because it will irritate your skin.
I have heard that there are some ingredients in sunblocks that are actually bad for you and can cause cancer. And I dont mean PABA which everyoene knows to avoid. Does anyone know what the ingredients? I cant remember the names.
nowadays i always wear sunscreen. my mom says i'm obsessed or something but I just say, I'm being safe.
Find a good moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. That'll eliminate an extra step in your skin care routine. Helps keep it simple.
Find a good moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. That'll eliminate an extra step in your skin care routine. Helps keep it simple.
which one can you recommend?
Neutrogena has one, Cetaphil has a moisturizer with sunscreen. If you are sensitive to sunscreens, their are certain ones that will irritate you (I am myself).

Or you could get your sunprotection from your foundation you wear (most are SPF 6, 8 or 15). Prescriptives has a moisturizer with sunscreen and I know this one will not clog pores.

Good luck....and YES you should wear sunscreen....finding one that works for you is the not so fun part (if you are sensitive to sunscreen or acne prone).
I really like MK's TimeWise moisturizer w/SPF, DesiGal. They have tinted ones now as well, for women who enjoy a more sheer foundation look.
i think ill go buy cetaphils moistorizer wit sunscreen they are very gentle and my skin is all messed up and pale and i burn too easy
I wear sunscreen everyday. Always be prepared.
Always use sunscreen and i mix a moisturizer with the sunscreen. Why take the chance of not putting on sunscreen. Kind of like brushing your teeth only sometimes if you ask me. Not really a choice.
Agree. Make it a habit and you will be prepared.

just out of curiousity, how long do they last you? i'm trying to get an idea of how many bottles of the new stuff (240mL) i should order. i'm planning on using the ordered stuff on my face, and the crappier sunscreen i already own on my arms
I really like Hara Sunscreen, it's an SPF 30, squeaky clean formula, and is very moisturizing but won't clog pores (the zinc oxide doubles as a sunblock and antibacterial/microbial agent). Any sunscreen over 30 is kind of redundant. Studies show that SPF 45's (which use nasty chemicals to get those numbers) only work 2% better than an SPF 30. I hear they are working on a bronzing formula as zinc can make you a wee bit pale.
so hold on, the lower the spf the better? i don't understand that i thought it was the opposite. so if someone like me is looking for a sunscreen i should go no higher than 30? i''m looking currently at Ombrelle spf 45 which is rated excellent at
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