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I always heard of using LA as facial and then quickly washing it off because it burns, and if kept too long can cause severe sun burns, I know this because I've actually gotten a nasty sun burn on my face by using it!

But I've read some users, like Jerms, prefers to mix a few tablespoons with a base cream. Granted I'm a lightening newbie, I never knew there were multiple steps to lightening, such as exfoliating. I thought lightening creams alone would do the job, what a waste of money that turned out to be! Sooo I want a fresh start and do things like the pros on here do

This thread is regarding only particular areas which are problematic for me: Knees, underarms, and inner thighs. Those areas are SEVERAL shades darker than my skin.

After reading several threads on here, I decided I'm going to buy:

Scrubbing Gloves

Dudu Osun Black Soap (use 6x a week) Dead Sea Salt Soap (1x a week)
Now I know I need to use LA to exfoliate, I read I should begin low, is 20% low enough? For those who have done both, what gives better results for someone with sensitive skin? Mixing LA 15% with a base, or using it directly and quickly washing it off? And if using it with a base is preferred, can you please tell me which base you use? How much of the base, and how much of LA? Lastly, regarding LA, which brands do you use?

Next question: After the exfoliating process is complete, I'm assuming around 4 weeks? One is ready to use a bleach lotion/cream ect. I would love to know the lightning creams of choice for those particular areas!

Thanks so much for reading. And I apologize if I'm asking newbie questions. It's just been very emotional to deal with having dark shadows on areas, especially during the summer where I'm embarrassed to wear shorts, tank tops and a bikini.
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