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Do you return skin care products ....

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If you purchase a skin care product and if you do not like the product or the product does not deliver as advertised, do you return it? I tried once and was told to contact the manufacturer.
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If you buy from Ulta or a department store they should give you a refund. I did return some expensive eye cream which made my eyes itch, usually I try to ask for a sample and say it's because I cannot tolerate some products.
I return products that cause a reaction or that has fragrance in it that states it's unscented. Yes, I know there are masking products put in or "natural" fragrances...but if it stinks, it stinks..and some I react by nausea, headache or just that's offensive to me.

I many times choose products for sensitive skin....there is sooooo much silicone in them, that it makes my skin look crepey compared to just "normal"..I've returned a few products that have caused that reaction...or I use them on another part of my body.

I have returned products that act weird upon application...such as an eye cream that "balled" as I patted it on; a mascara that caused my eyelashes to actually droop and the top ones to actually stick to the bottom ones when I blinked;

I have rarely returned a product because of colour unless it's really off. I've found most lighting in stores is pink...but I'll never try products on anything other than my hand or on my chin. My friends like their little "gifts" because after one use, they're tossed in a drawer.

Shopper's Drug Mart will return most anything as well as department store cosmetics. I've returned some to the beauty supplier I frequent..but don't usually purchase their cosmetic/skin treatment products.

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I have returned an expensive moisturizer to a department store once because it made me breakout (almost immediately). If I had bought it from a drug store, I don't think I would have taken it back. It really depends on your reason for trying to return it.
Yes, if something is not right for me after a reasonable length of time, I take it back for an exchange or refund. Sephora and Nordstrom have excellent return policies and I usually limit my cosmetics buys to them.

Estee Lauder's policy is that they will take anything back anytime. The SA are not even allowed to open the jar to check how much is left!

Considering that the markup on cosmetics is 400%, don't you think they should offer a return/exchange policy?!!!

I've had hassles. I bought an Estee Lauder eye cream and when I opened the jar it was only half full -- considering the price I was not a happy camper. I really think the mfg. should have a consistent return policy. Because I live in "tiny town" I now purchase most products on line -- I wish each product line would have a "try me kit". What do you do with unopened cosmetics -- if a promotion is on usually products you may not want are included.
Well that's a bummer Mari! I would write a note to Estee Lauder explaining the situation if the counter would not accept a return.

Yes, I love it when I can find trial sizes of stuff! Lots of etailers have that now! What are you looking for? Maybe I will know of an etailer that is offering trials of it. (I do a LOT of online shopping too!) Lumiere Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup has sample sizes of their mineral makeups for very cheap.

What do I do with unopened/unused cosmetics? I swap them at makeupalley or donate them to women's shelters or to my sister.

When I lived in "the city" I always donated my "don't want, don't need" cosmetics to the women's shelter. They were always so appreciative since many women go there with literally only what they are wearing. When I took my home staging course one assignment was clearing out a space in your home. I chose my cosmetic area: took before and after pictures. I had one very full bucket of cosmetics I never used, didn't want or were over the expiry date that were cluttering up the area.

Cosmetic mfg. go to a great deal of trouble advertising what their product line will do and I honestly believe that if one gets no results at all the product should be returned with a full refund given or an exchange for another product of similar value.
I think I've only returned expired products.
I think I've only returned expired products.
Hmmm. Does this mean that if the product expires before you've used it up, you have been able to take it back for a replacement?
Heck yeah I would return it if the company I bought it from says we can return it, If a facial product doesnt work, I return it fast!! in fact, Im on the Mychelle lines , and stuck with it being i bought it online, it doesnt really do anything miraculous, Im waiting for some feedback on some great working facial cleansing lines that do 99% work at least!!!!
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