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Hi all, after having a stubborn journey with my arms they are beginning to lighten nicely however my legs seem to be very stubborn (never ever peeled from 40%-60% la acid or even occlusion) when I scrub with Kit I have to keep at it for a while to get micropwwling.

And I’m starting to wonder if it may be the hair on my legs that is absorbing all the cream.
Gosh, I’m making myself sound like a a werewolf (I’m not ;P) they’re not super hairy or anything but there is a decent amount of hair and I haven’t been shaving due to lockdown.
But I do want my legs to lighten up so I at least have the option to wear shorts this summer or dresses/skirts. Every part of my body has peeled except my legs btwww. Should I shave them? (I know u should wait 24hr before applying any exfoliant to freshly shaven legs to prevent PIH )
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