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Dry skin - help please

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I'm completely clueless about skin care products and what to look out for so I need some advice. I've been having problems with my face skin for a few months now and I don't know what to do. I have a good diet with fruits/vegies, and drink lots of water each day. But I still get flakes/red marks just below my eyebrows, and on both sides next to my nose, which as a result looks like some rash. I use moisturiser straight after my shower, and as the day progresses, I still get redness and flakes in my eyebrows and the usual areas.
I should also note I'm a guy, so I assume there are special products for men's skin?
And I'm using Nivea soft moisturising creme with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E if that's a good moisturiser?

Thanks in advance.
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Sounds like you're basically doing the right things as far as food and water is concerned (are you drinking at least 2 liters a day???) If not up the quantity to at least 2 liters a day because any less will lead to dehydration and ultimately chronic dehydration.

Not the red areas of skin you're talking about sound like they may come in contact with something - sun glasses may be? If so, you may have a slight allergy to the metal or plastic they are made of. Could it be something else that you make contact with?

To provide these specific areas with some extra help, get a hold of some 100% pure Jojoba oil. use it several times a day on the areas that get red and irritated.

Also make sure you use a non-alcohol toner - poke around the net and look for 'men's natural skin care products'. There are several companies that make products specifically for men. Wildcrafted Herbal Products (which is our company) is one, another is A’kin (I'm not associated this these guys).

Hope this helps, but if you have more questions or need more advice just ask

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