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Dry skin - help please

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I'm completely clueless about skin care products and what to look out for so I need some advice. I've been having problems with my face skin for a few months now and I don't know what to do. I have a good diet with fruits/vegies, and drink lots of water each day. But I still get flakes/red marks just below my eyebrows, and on both sides next to my nose, which as a result looks like some rash. I use moisturiser straight after my shower, and as the day progresses, I still get redness and flakes in my eyebrows and the usual areas.
I should also note I'm a guy, so I assume there are special products for men's skin?
And I'm using Nivea soft moisturising creme with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E if that's a good moisturiser?

Thanks in advance.
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Another good option might be to try an alpha hydroxy night cream for around your eyes and on problem areas.
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