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dry skin

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hallo, I am a male, my problem is that I have oily skin but it becomes dry in winter.SO how can I wash my face. CAN I use CLEANSING MILK to wash my face and is there any harm to skin by regular using of cleasing milk.

thank in advance.
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Cleansing milk should be good since they tend to be moisturizing in general. You should followup with a proper moisturizer and you'll be good, just don't use oil based stuff on your face.
Check the humidity is your home. I find that using a humidifier in the winter really helps keep my skin from overdrying.
Cleansing milk is great to remove make-up but men can also use it as a face wash. Now whether you should use it on a regular basis, this entirely depends on which product in particular you use. Some cleansing milks are gentle enough to use every day, but other stronger deep cleansing ones which are designed to remove make-up are not recommended to be used as a daily face cleanser if you dont use make-up. There are lots of cleansing milks on the market- some are natural and others are not. Search for product reviews of different cleansing milks in Google. Have you tried different face washes or are you only interested in using cleansing milk? Clearasil and Clean and Clear Cream cleanser are good ones- especially for acne.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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