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dry skin?

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ok so 2 problems.

1. Face
I have super dry patchy spots on my forehead and cheeks but my nose is oily and has lots of blackheads... suggestions?

2. Legs
I have a lot of what i think are dry skin bumps. they're tiny red dots that mostly just cover my thighs and th backs of my calfs. i also have lots of scars and stretch marks so anything that would help that too would be great

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You have what is called combination skin. That is you have one skin type (dry) in one area of your face and a second (oily) another region.

The first thing you need to establish is what your 'normal' skin is actually like.
Step 1 - stop using any skin care products for at least 3 days and do not use any makeup.

Step 2 - eat only unprocessed foods (ie: foods that are in their natural state and have not been interfered with at all)

Step 3 - drink lots of water, ie: in excess of 2 liters per day. Also do not drink any coffee, tea or alcohol.

After 3 days reassess your skin

In my experience you will see a change either for the better or worse, but at least you'll know what you normal state of your skin is.

I've seen hundreds of patients with dry skin of various stages of severity and most improve within days of drinking more that 2 liters of water per day every day.

Reduce or eliminate coffee, tea and alcohol from your drinks menu as all these take water out of your body - they do not hydrate it. If you do drink any of these beverages, then you have to increase the water intake. It's that simple.

Obviously you need to follow a daily skin care regime to optimize your skin's health and provide it with additional nutrients. If your skin continues to have both an area where it is oily and one where it is dry, you will need to choose two skin care systems; one for each of your skin types.

Hope this helps

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