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dyeing and highlighting hair

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is it possible that after getting your hair dyed and highlighted in a salon that the chemicals in the dye and bleach could make your hair shiny? or is it more likely its the shampoo they use to wash your hair when youre in the salon to get the dye or highlight residue out? everytime i get my hair dyed or highlighted in a salon my hair is super shiny and smooth.
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That's a good question! I'd imagine it's the shampoo's or conditioners they would use afterwards as I can't imagine those chemicals making hair shiny, but hey - I could be wrong.

I heard using really cold water to rinse is good and vinegar will help make hair shiny.
i know, ive tried both of those, but didnt see much difference! :/
I've noticed that too when I get my hair colored/highlighted. It has to be the shampoo/conditioner. I took my daughter to get her hair cut and after they washed it and styled it, I could not believe how shiney her hair was. I don't think I have ever seen as shiney as I did that day. They used a brand named MASTEY. I have been using Tigi but I think I am gonna switch to Mastey's since it is sulfate free.
I have the same exact experience. I have naturally curly hair which tends to naturally be on the drier and not so shinier side. But when I get it dyed, cut and blow dried staright it is super soft and shiny too. My haircolorist told me it depends on the brand of dye that's used. She also told me she puts a gloss in there to seal the color and make my hair shiny. Is that what's costing me and arm and a leg? LOL
oooooh that must be it! putting in the gloss treatment in the dye!
I always ask for the gloss to be added to my dyes/highlights. I say....I want the shiny stuff added - he he he....and they know what I mean. I think it's actually called 'glass'...something they can add which gives shine to your color/hightlight.
do you ever get just a gloss treatment without dyeing/highlighting your hair? ive heard of it...
yea, the stuff they add to the color plus the shampoo and conditioner help to make the hair shinier. They do have like a seperate gloss thingy that you can buy just for that purpose. Most of the time when I see it, the 'color' is labeled clear...
do you have to buy the gloss in the salon or is it something you can find in the drugstore also?
Sally's Beauty Supply has some that you can purchase.
I bet that is why I pay an arm and a leg to for my highlights/color! I never even thought of that before.
well... not really. They don't always put it in there so... Mostly its bcuz the bleach or the color itself and the activator costs them so they have to make some sort of profit. Highlights also time-consuming depending on how you get them done.
a girl I used to go to would have me come in between coloring and put just a gloss on my hair. it was like a regular color application but it was just clear gloss. it made my hair soft and shiny. too bad she would charge me the regular price of a color application so paying an extra $55 between paying whatever for my regular color got to be a bit much
jeez lickalime! It'd be better to just do it at home. (the gloss) Much cheaper!
Get some Luminous Color Glaze by John Frieda! They sell it at the drugstore, for less than $10. It lasts a long time, too. You can use it as a 30 minute or so treatment, or do it everytime you wash your hair, just as you would a conditioner. I use the clear on my hair. It will pick up your highlights a bit, too.

Don't start glazing as soon as you color or have your hair done at the salon-- enjoy what you spent your money for. But when the glow starts to come off... You can buy the JF in the same color as your hair, but I get my hair colored and highlighted so I only use the clear.

Also, I guess everyone knows to wait a few days to wash their hair after they color it, use a shampoo for color treated hair, and don't wash your hair so much. You can just rinse with water without having to shampoo up , and it helps keep the color fresh.
In my quest to avoid constant hair washing, I have also become a big fan of the All Nighter. It is a styling powder you use when your hair starts looking oily. It comes in shades to match your hair,and it is great stuff. You just fluff in a little and poof- fresh hair that smells great. Stylists use it a lot. You can experiment with it to see how much you need and how much you should work with your hair (usually not much) after you have applied it.

I have lots of very thick, coarse hair, and it works for me.
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Thanks for the great info Alexa.....Is it like a gloss? Does it have any peroxide or ammonia?...I am obsessed with high gloss, cellophane, clear color! It gives your hair the most incredible shine!

I'm with you on the hair thing
....I also don't like to wash my hair a lot, but I have to, because it tends to get oily. I don't like to over wash my body either to be honest. Sometimes, if I didn't go to the Gym, i'll just get in the shower and wash my underarms and private areas and that's it. Why wash off my precious oils and pheromones. I also use only baby wipes instead of toilet paper, it's a MUST! in my house.

I will definitely check this out, thanks again
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I buy the Redken gloss and from time to time rinse my hair with
beer, that gives it a nice shine and make my hair soft and silky.
Good answers & info! Def. get yourself some of the gloss from sally's its the same thing they use @ the salon and you get the whole bottle to yourself instead of paying $20+ extra dollars for the treatment some places charge. Also when your @ a salon getting your hair colored or highlighted they typically use a shampoo that strips all of the extra oils and debris from your hair (such as dead skin and residues from the air) like purple shampoo for blondes, this can leave your hair very shiny when done infrequently. If you use a stripping shampoo too often your hair will begin to look dry and brittle but most stylists assume (and theyre usually right) that you dont use something like this at home so your visit to them is the perfect time!
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Has anyone used Biosilk Silk therapy? this stuff is awesome.
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