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Try Aquaphor by Eucerin. I love many uses!

Info from site: Aquaphor® actually helps reduce healing time of cracked, dry, damaged skin and minor burns.* It’s been recommended to patients by dermatologists and pediatricians as daily therapy for extra-dry skin on elbows, heels, feet and hands. Aquaphor’s gentle, soothing formulation is so safe you can even use it on babies’ tender skin. It is hypoallergenic and won’t clog pores. And it is fragrance-free and preservative-free, so it won’t irritate even damaged or ultra-sensitive skin.

Aquaphor is useful for many everyday situations, and is suitable for both the body and the face. Read on to find out more.

If you have skin problems or a special need...
Use Aquaphor in these situations to:
• Help heal cracked, dry, damaged, irritated skin
• Prevent diaper rash*
• Soothe chapped, raw skin on babies’ cheeks and chin due to drooling
• Help heal minor burns and abrasions
• Help heal chapped lips– even chapped, cracked lips caused by Accutane® acne treatment**
• Soothe severe flare-ups of dry skin associated with Atopic Dermatitis
• Accelerate healing after laser resurfacing or chemical peels*
• Speed the healing of skin damaged and irritated by radiation therapy
• Prevent chafing caused by running marathons or long distances

Here's the link to learn more: Eucerin. The source for serious skin care. Aquaphor helps heal skin.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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