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electric shaving = scars?

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i used an electric shaver with not that much hair and i got these scars that are flat and light brown in color, i have a light skin tone and have been applying aloe vera gel to the scars for over at least 8 months with no apparent change; scar is still visible. i read that hydroquinone could be used to lighten my scar to the same skin color as the rest of my skin, can anyone tell me if it will work or recommend any other products that may be better?
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Recommend exfolliating the areas.
Use a body buff or have it professionally done. Those dark spots might be hairs stuck under the skin.
too much exfollicating can leave scars...most people don't know about it...but it's really bad for sensitive or in my care sensitive and thin skin.
Hi there, I have the same situation with you, about shaving which results to scarring. I use hydroquinone and i can see the results. It really lightens the scars on my skin. just give it a try
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Next time you shave use an oil or oil based lotion for shaving I find that this prevents irritation and scarring.
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