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eliminate shine on skin?

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Can anyone recommend a good product to get rid of shine on the skin?
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clean and clears oil blotting tissues. or a thin thin layer of milk of magnesia as a primer before foundation. those are my best solutions and i have incredibly oily skin!
I get a little shine on my forehead now and then. But it never really bothers me.
I agree the clean and clear blotting sheets. Milk of mag can be nice too....use sparingly. Another is Personalizer by Arbonnne. Oh another is called Teazone by DermaDoctor....very nice!

Or get this....a good primer to help control shine and lesson the look of pore size....MONISTAT Anti Chaffing Gel. Don't ask me who or why someone tried this. I don't even want to know - LOL. But if you look at the ingrediants they are the same as Laura Merciers and Smashbox Primers.....weird huh....but man is it nice! Gives a very smooth velvet finish to prime your skin before foundation....or sometimes I'll even just wear it without makeup. You should try it, it's much cheaper than department store brands.

CHECK OUT THIS THREAD for oily skin solutions:
Thanks kelly! you rock
Anytime, and Thanks hon! I love how warm everyone is here!

Wish I could give more rep points, but it prompts me and says I gave too many within 24 hours....oh man...he he he.
Blotting sheets are the way to go. As for skin care make sure you don't completely dry yourself out we all need some oils to keep our skin healthy.
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