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Embarrased about skin

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Hi guys/girls

I looked up in this forum the type of skin i have. But i couldnt quite compare it to Keratosis Pilaris. Whenever i goto the beach i dont want other people to see my skin.
I have a picture on this website.

I live in a place that has a hot climate. I have this on my chest, my arms, upper legs, neck and bottom.I dont like touching it, let alone other people touch it. Its not smooth. it feels like you rub your hand on a orange. How do i treat this?? I need a resolution.

PS. Ive always had it...but not this extreme
Thank you
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It looks to me like Keratosis Pilaris would be the best diagnosis.

From what I can determine it looks as though your skin's oil glands are "working" but clogged. My recommendation is below, but remember that the skin takes at least 29 days to rejuvinate.

I would recommend:
  • Using gentle (milky) cleansers,
    Avoid h-o-t showers
    Take and immerse yourself in milkbaths (the latic acid is good for your skin)
    Use a buff puff to gently exfolliate at least 2x weekly (till you see improvement); preferrably when taking the milkbaths
    For the baths, use powdered milk.

Best of Luck
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The above suggestion will certainly benefit your skin, however, I would strongly suggest you get a diagnosis from a dermatologist or medical professional.

Once you know what the condition is, it is much easier to set up a treatment program and make suggestions that may help to fix it. Don't be shy, the doctors have seen it all before - believe me I am one
It looks like goose bumps to me. Doesn't look so bad.
It is definetely Keratosis Pilaris.
It is often confused with acne. I have KP and acne myself. It was very hard to diagnose-8 years for my doctor to tell me!

I use salycilic acid to treat both and it has somewhat worked for me. For the KP I exfoliate. For acne I just apply SA every morning and night. I also wash often my face and use those pads that remove oils from my face.
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