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Hi , I have african american skin and I'm looking for ways to acquire/maintain an even skintone. I'm not interested in lightening my skin tone, I just want everything to be the same color. I don't care if I'm midnight black or pasty white >.< just as long as it's even.

I did some research on the topic and so far this is what I've found:

Sunscreen: Even though I'm african american, apparently I still need to wear it. I'm not I should go about shopping for this stuff! What brand should I buy? And also..are there any non-oily facial moisturizers that have SPF 15+? I'm a teen who is still fighting the long waged war against acne. Right now I use the basic scrub-tone-moisturizer combo, but I was thinking of replacing the moisturizer with one that will protect me from sunlight. Speaking of which, I live in Florida. So I think I'll need a very good sunblock.

Vitamin C: I also read that vitamin C helps reduce dark spots. What brand should I buy? Is one-a-day- women's okay? I ask this because I'm a vegetarian and I take a one-a-day to make sure I get what I need(my mom's doing). The bottle says it gives 100% of the VC I need in a day. but should I be taking more to notice a change ?

Ambi: I saw this product at a store and bought it. It was relatively cheap and said it contained Hq 2%. Has anyone had any success with this product? I've used it for only 2 days, so I can't really say if its working or not.

ACV(vinegar): I'm a big fan of natural remedies! I read that this stuff helps even your skin tone as well! Is this only for my face or my whole body?

Makeup: I don't see makeup as an option for me. I have nothing against those who wear it, but I really hate the stuff. I don't like the way it feels on my skin, nor not being able to touch my face. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Any other tips: I'm sure you guys know more than me, so if there are any other products/ methods I should be taking, please let me know!

An even skin tone would greatly increase my esteem, so thanks!
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