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Exfoliating face every day bad?

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Hi guys, I'm wondering if exfoliating my face every day with a bar of dove soap is bad? I've heard you're only supposed to exfoliate every other day. My skin on my face is pretty sensitive, thanks for any replies!
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I don't recommend that anyone with sensitive skin more than 2x weekly.
I wouldn't subject my skin to that much stress. Exfoliate no more than three times a week. Actually, I rinse my face in the morning and use a cleanser at night.
I used daily deep cleanser with tiny balls exfoliating. They left tiny scars on my face. it's can be really harsh on thin sensitive i don't exfoliate at all. Only use chemical peel, which is much better on the skin
you should exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week...what type of skin do you have? (sensitive, but oily, dry, mature...???) also, you should try using a different exfoliator that may be more gentle on your skin.
Depending on your exfoliant, it is ok to exfoliate one to two times a week. The purpose of exfoliating is to remove the dead, dull surface cells that build up. If you exfoliate too often, you are simply scratching at the new healthy cells.
I think it depends on how your skin looks. Is it irritated, red, inflamed looking or is it smooth and calm. Gentle exfoliation has a lot of benefits and can be done daily if it is not too vigorous!
I think everyone is right on here. Keep in mind that a washcloth and things used for normal everyday cleansing is "exfoliating" your dead cells by removing them mildly.

Even if you are doing it more than once per week use a mild exfoliate and possibly a moisterizer to balance dry feeling that follows.
If your skin cannot handle every day exfoliation, simply reduce the frequency until your skin is happy.
yes because you have to give your skin a chance to renew itself. you should only do it like 2 times a week that's it.
I don't even exfoliate 1x per week if I don't need it. Pay attention to your particular skin needs & don't follow any "general" rule. Everyone's skin needs are different.
Well, I would say that more of an AHA is going to be a much more effective exfoliation. Even with sensitive skin, AHA's are fine if introduced to the skin progressively and slowly. Remember AHA exfoliation is highly indicated for Rosacea skin.

But first thing is first; I would stop washing your face with a bar of dove soap. Is it a bar that you can also use for the body? This is usually too alkaline for your facial skin. The skin's natural and healthy state is actually a bit acidic. This helps protect it from bacteria, etc. When using bar soap, it makes the skin alkaline, which compromises a natural lipid barrier we all possess and can actually make your skin more 'sensitized'.

I would not rely on a wash-cloth for exfoliation either. After all, laundry detergents, can cause irritation, and if the cloth doesn't fully dry in between washings, it can harbor bacteria.

Lastly, if and when you upgrade to some type of exfoliation (that is not a scrub, which can also be too harsh and not as effective as an AHA), be sure to definitely not do it everyday. This will cause inflammation in the skin, which in turn causes free-radicals.

Be sure to protect the skin (with an SPF in the daytime) and hydrate it with a moisturizer that appeals to you in texture. There are plenty of moisturizers that are oil-free but that still do an excellent job of keeping the skin supple and protected, if that's something you prefer!
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Exfoliating is the key to achieving the "Glow!" I recommend my clients to use a gentle exfoliator 2-3 times a week. You do not need to go vigorous with your skin. Be gentle and the skin will do its work as well!
Exfoliating your face every day is too much!!

In addition, you should pick quality Exfoliators.
You can exfoliate every alternate day but if your skin is too sensitive once a week should be fine.
Don't exfoliate every day. You're not giving your skin enough time to heal and regrow cells. I exfoliate about 1x per week and it works well for me.
I've never heard of a Dove exfoliating bar! Is it any good? If you have sensitive skin I don't recommend exfoliating daily. You should exfoliate once every week or two weeks. And you should be using a gentle exfoliant without rough beads or pieces in it.
Hi guys, I'm wondering if exfoliating my face every day with a bar of dove soap is bad? I've heard you're only supposed to exfoliate every other day. My skin on my face is pretty sensitive, thanks for any replies!
Healthy Skin
The essential keys to healthy skin are not found in a bottle or jar of expensive skin care product. They are found in the every day habits and diet of every woman attempting to improve her appearance. Nutrition especially is a very important detail that many women might overlook when attempting to improve the appearance of their skin.

Every Day Ways to Attain Healthy Skin
The proper consumption of water is an essential first step in improving skin health. It ensures the body is receiving enough oxygen and stays properly hydrated, flushing out the bad and constantly supplying nutrients needed for healthy skin.
Another natural method of maintaining healthy skin is to avoid over exposure to the sun. By using sun screen on a daily basis and staying out of direct sunlight for more than a couple hours at a time, women can avoid unsightly sun spots and dry skin that result from too much UVA or UVB rays.
Sleep is a great method of rejuvenating and enhancing healthy skin. By getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night, women are giving their skin the time it needs to rejuvenate and repair from the stress of every day life. Without that rest, the effects of stress and sleep deprivation will make their first mark on the surface of otherwise healthy skin in the form of bags, puffy eyes, dry skin and blemishes.
Nutrients are another essential aspect of retaining healthy skin. Without the right balance of nutrients on a daily basis, skin will begin to show signs of its age and wear. Vitamins such as B1 which enhance circulation and B2 without which skin will start discolor, are vital to keeping healthy skin as shiny and supple as possible.
Healthy skin that is washed on a regular basis will remain blemish free as well. Depending on the level of oil production for any given individual, how skin is washed will change. A daily regiment of non-soap cleansers and toners will keep oil and dirt free of the pores and blemishes from ruining otherwise perfectly healthy skin.

Five Tips for Healthy Skin
Additionally, these simple tasks can help to reduce the wear and tear on your skin that leads to common skin problems and unsightly blemishes.

• Keep hair out of the face to reduce the chance of excess oiliness and blemishes
• Oily hair care products only increase the risk of facial blemishes.
• Nutrition and a proper diet ensure hydration, oxidation, and nutrients for healthy skin.
• Fish consumption or fish oil supplements help supplement healthy skin.
• Use warm water and a non-soap cleanser to wash your skin, keeping it clear and unobstructed.

Along with the common aspects of a healthy lifestyle, these tips will ensure that your healthy skin remains that way for years to com.

Maya McMahon
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If you exfoliate every day you can end up with dryer, more flaky skin . . . i tried and tested!!
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