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Hi everyone.

So before posting I did a lot of searching not just on these boards but on the web as well and wanted to get some feedback from you dudes.

Basically I want to know what are the sure-fire ways to

1. Prevent bags under eyes
2. Reduce bags under eyes

If you don't mind I'd rather stay away from things that you might "think" work and prefer to just stick with scientifically proven methods. If I asked someone how to prevent hair loss and help grow hair they would say "Propecia" or "Rogaine" because those are the most widly known scientifically proven methods; but then there's always that guy who's like "my grandmother said you can grow your hair back if you pour eggs and corn syrup on your head dude"...I'd rather stay away from the "lesser known" remedys.

So what are the most popular, known proven methods for preventing and reducing bags under eyes?

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