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I did an intro in the approriate thread. I am 40 yr old white straight male who wants to look my best.

Please only answer what you feel like for I have a few questions.

A. With all questions,if you know a brand u can recommend that is reasonable in price that would be great for money is a challenge at the moment.

1. I dont know the offical name of it but do the women or any men who have had experience think I can place a small amount of eye lash make up on my eyes lashes without people notcing. I figured women who pick it out more than men. Please let me know what you think?

2. I have a small gash on my nose as well as a couple small broken capallaries.
I have had the lsser done with two different doctors for the capallaries and one had the "the high end laser" all of the process were unsuccessful and spent 1000 thousand dollars, so i am waiting to i get some money and going to a top notch cosmetic surgeon in the philadelphia area and have him/ her do it for once and for all.
What I wanted to know is do you think a conceler will hide both flaws and would anyone notice I have the conceller on. I never used conceller so nothing about it. I would only use a very small amount.

3. If I can use a conceller do i put it on before or after my sun block which is a physical sun block by Aubrey if that matters.

Thanks for your help and for reading, it is appreciated!

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Hi Anthony! Welcome here!

I will try to answer some of your questions...

1) Are you looking to just DARKEN your lashes? or to make them fuller/longer? You might try a permanent lash tint available at Sally Beauty Supply, or some spas do this. It does last quite a while and I have done this myself. Neutrogena makes a nice non-permanent lash tint that goes on like mascara. It does not thicken or lengthen and is quite subtle. It does wash off and could smear if you aren't careful. That's always a problem with mascara, unless you use waterproof. Waterproof is hard to remove and is not kind to the lashes - it dries them out, IMO.

2) Aaaah, capillaries.....i have been battling a dilated capillary on the side of my nose forever....I had radiofrequency twice (never helped). So I just use concealer for it. Retin-A is supposed to thicken up the dermis where they live and eventually hide them, but I have just started Retin-A, so can't tell you how well this works.

3) I usually put my sunblock on AFTER my moisturizer and BEFORE any color cosmetics. You could try to find a long-wearing waterproof concealer, like Dermacover, made specifically for covering dilated capillaries, with a fine-point artist's paintbrush. Many ppl use it, including men, so you should not feel shy asking someone at the counter in a dept store to find a color to match you.

Good on you! for wanting to take care of your skin! Women appreciate that!
I hope this is helpful to you....if not, maybe someone else can weigh in here.


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I will look into both especially the concealer. That sounds great and I never would have known.
Does anyone know if the mascara weather it is clear or waterproof can be "picked out" by a person with a good eye. I am still in a place as of today at least where if a women would notice I was wearing it would really bother me??
Thanks again
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