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Eyelash conditioners

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Have you tried any of the eyelash conditioners on the market? With the colder weather and dry heat season upon us, my eyelashes really suffer (as do my skin and hair). What have you tried and what do you recommend? I personally intend to avoid those "prostaglandin" based products; I do not think that they are a good idea, especially over the long term, no matter what the marketing for these products may claim.
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I suggest RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner. In just three to four weeks, you get thicker and fuller lashes. Yeahh.. It actually makes the lashes grow. You just have to apply it once a day!

Try it to believe the results!


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Or for something more simpler, natural and cheap that can be found in your ******* try applying olive oil to those lashes every night!
Does the olive oil help them grow or just condition the lashes?
I don't know about the olive oil suggestion. I know that olive oil is not a petroleum-based product like Vaseline or something, but the thought of putting anything oily on my lashes so close to my eyes (and tear ducts) scares me.
I agree.. With olive oil what happens is since it is liquid, it tends to drip inside the eyes.. which of course is not good. With the eylash conditioner, you can apply it just like you apply your eyeliner and it has its amazing benefits.


do we have to condition our eyelashes? I never knew eyelashes conditioners existed? any more brands?
Hi. I started this thread because I wanted to try something to help my eyelashes, which tend to disappear in the winter months.

Well, I ended up buying the new B. Kamins product which has all natural ingredients. It is called "Eyelash Fortifier" and I must say that it is an amazing product - my lashes are fuller and longer. But it cost me $94 (or so) here in Canada (at Sephora) which is too expensive to use all the time, at least for me. So now I am cutting back on usage to a couple times a week and hope that it's enough to maintain the lashes through the nasty winter up here.

Another brand that has caught my eye is "Talika" which is about half the price. Anyone try it or know someone who has?
There are also mascaras that have biotin in them. I think you would find those to be beneficial if you are seeking "eyelash conditioning."
I use the talika one, and i love the results! It claims to make the lashes grow in a month, and after a month they grew a bit, but if you keep using it the effects gets better, i have been using it for 6 months not and my eyelashes are really much longer
Hi Mireckca,
When you cut back on the usuage of " Eyelash Fortifer" is it still giving you great results?
^^ Sadly, mireckca is no longer with us. Wish she was tho! She always had great advice!

I have been rubbing Castor Oil on my brows and lashes. Someone told me that it will help.
I have been rubbing Castor Oil on my brows and lashes. Someone told me that it will help.
So am I. It helped me thicken up my hair so hopefully it'll work for my brows and lashes too
I am currently using the new stuff from l'oreal. The lash serum, and I am quite happy with it. My lashes seem fuller and richer in just a week, will keep using it for shure.
So glad to here that I just started using Revitalash... I just received a free tube of IdolLash ... my lashes are whimps ... I'm excited about the though of longer lashes
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