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face wash makes my skin look more dark...??

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Hey everyone...

I have been using a normal soap for my skin..but just decided to take care of my skin and follow a better routine.
I have started with face wash..I have a brown skin..
After using the face wash product, i feel that my skin looks a bit more dark..which wasnt the case with the soap...
what is wrong??
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If you are in a tropical area right now with the hot sun, it is possible that certain ingredients are making your skin more sensitive to the sun. Glycolic acid for example will make it easier for your skin to tan. The fact that your skin is changing color isn't because the product is bad, it just means that you have to be careful once you're out in the sun. Practice proper sunprotection at all times.
Use a mild face wash.
I agree with both Freddy's and pumi's assessment; look at the ingredients listed for the face wash you started using. You may want to try a wash made for sensitive skin.
I totally agree with Freddy. Remember to always use sun screen
I have not tried it yet, but I ordered a bar soap made to lighten skin, it has papaya koji(mushroom extract)its used in the philippines, also the recommended sunscreen, and whitening lotion, I'm hispanic, and just want to even out skin tone and lighten darker areas, so I'm sure its the ingredients but also skin melanin can change so if if its not the ingredients or the sun if using sunscreen then maybe its your own melanin, I will post again after I have used my new products and post if yeah or neah
I agree with you. Even I dark brown skin and using a face wash, especially mild one, makes my skin look a lot darker. Soaps tend to clean my skin better and also give a healthy glow. Mild face washes may not be an issue to relatively fair skinned beauties but to me it is a straight no-no. I prefer using a deep cleansing soap. Although some may say that soaps dry out your skin, stripping off all the natural oils from your skin, I believe that's where a good moisturizer comes to the scene. A good moisturizer can provide the necessary moisture and make your skin oily and smooth but make sure you choose the right one according to your skin type.
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