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Right now I'm trying the Vivier skin care line, it has pharmaceutical grade ingredients, I buy it at my doctors office....I've only used it a couple weeks now so I will let you know how its going in a month or so.
Avoid Proactiv, I had disastrous results with made me break out worse, and with those giant, under the skin craters. I had never gotten them before. Tried to get my money back, but they are impossible. I was told to keep using it, but after a few months I was itchy, dry and flaky, and my forehead and jawline was covered with craters. I started Proactiv to cure a few breakouts a month, and got 3 months of terror instead. Wouldn't leave my house, not even go to the grocery store or gym....yes, it was that bad!
I'm using Vivier too i purchased the hexam gentle cleanser and b5 liquid moisterizer which i like.Which products did you purchase? What's your skin type?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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