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facial burn

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My curling iron slipped and burned the left side of my cheek several week's ago. Not the first time this has happened when I try to curl my hair and talk on the phone at the same time. Previously the burn disappears in 2-3 weeks; this time the skin hasn't healed and the area has turned brown, lightly raised. I treated the burn with polysporin. It would take at least 4 months for me to get an appointment with a Dermatologist -- so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Wow, you have an answer for everything.
I don't know if you have a BabyQ or some type of LED device, but it was tested by NASA lor treating burns. I have used it and it does speed up the healing and minimizes scarring.

I think that we agreed that since the BQ works well beyond the skin that it does in fact speed healing. Fawnie is right, you should take a look at that, although it's not exactly cheap either.
Thank you both for responding. I did this before and the skin simply healed over; my concern this time is that the burn has changed into a raised area and never healed. I will try the Cicaplast if it is available in town. I have foung the gizmo I have that emits red light (made for and endorsed by a Derm) and will try it on the spot.
Cicaplast is best to start using right away.
Mari - if this is a recurring problem, you may want to consider changing your hair style.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I hope that you heal completely from the latest disaster. All the best to you.
Is the burn discolored btw?
Yes, it went from red then a beige colour, now its dark brown and raised (like a mole).

Mireckca -- you're such a hoot! my hair style just about covers my whole face --best way to cover imperfections.
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Mari - I love your avatar. Each new photo has one more dog in it. How many do you have anyway?
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Won't tell, the neighbours think I have only one now -- the same one that died a year ago. I still want another German Shepherd, for me they are awesome dogs.
I know this is an old thread and it's frowned upon to resurrect the Dead Dogs here, but manuka honey applied several times daily will heal burns with no scarring or infection. It's naturally antibiotic. Get the 18+ or higher. Tastes good too!

How did your burn heal Mari?

. . . .
How did your burn heal Mari?
Not quite there yet -- the area is smaller but it is still raised. I used cicaplast suggested by Freddy.
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