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My face gets flushed when I assume i use a certain hair gel? Could hair gel cause my face to flush. My face gets sort of red and very HOT when i get in sun sometimes. Also, when I get excited or workout in hotter environments, my face feels prickly and hot. Sometimes when I go to the airport, etc.....doc appt. i get that flushed feeling. I have no idea. I know its hotter in those areas sometimes. i dont get nervous nor blush so what else could it be.....

I know i am better when i dont use that certain hair gel so couldi be allergic to something? I also have to use face cleanser that is for sensitive skin. This seems to help doing all these things but for some reason when I get outside, face tends to get hot again and in various places. I have been having skin problems past 5 months or so. Not being able to tan like i use to, skin flushing on arms and legs, upper chest, upper arms, etc...any ides?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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