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Facial rash...tinea? eczema?

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i have this rash on my face that has been there for about a was a lot worse and i started using "Elidel" for eczema and it helped but didn't solve it...the skin is dry and scaly and peels off...its slightly red with bumps...and causing the pigment in my skin to go white in that doesn't itch...its not painful its just dry and looks awful...i always had perfect skin hardly any pimples...and i got kinda looks like that fungus you get in your skin in warm climates "Tinea" i havent tried using lamisil on it, and i havent taken diflucan... i just want to see if anyone knows what it is before i use other stuff on it...i would go to the derm. but i live in Miami...its a little expensive and i don't have health insurance to cover it...

pm me i have photos of it...
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I don't see it in the pictures. Your skin looks normal to me.
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the redness in it didnt come out i think its because i had just washed my face before taking the picture but i used lamisil on it and it seems to be doing better so i think it was tinea...oh those little bumps you see too arnt normal...i have SUPER clear skin...i dont get that on my cheeks
Have you seen your regular doctor? If your doctor gives you a referral to see a dermatologist, your insurance should cover it.
no...i have NO in the middle of getting a new company but it seems like none of them are for 20...and almost never sick...but it feels like its getting better it improved about 90%
Yeah, I definately see it. I've seen it before but I can't put my finger on what it is exactly. From what I can remember it is an infection on the superficial layers of the skin. I guess you can start out with a very basic plan of attack with your normal skin care regimen and add vinegar to your skin on a cotton ball before washing your face. The vinegar should wipe out whatever it is that is on your skin causing the white patches.
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