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Facial Scar - Car accident

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Hello everyone,

I was in a car accident during the second wkend of Dec. 2008, roughly about 3 weeks ago, and I was not wearing a seatbelt at the time, biggest mistake of my life. My forehead flew into the windshield and I sustained a huge scar from the top of my forehead down to the middle of my eyebrow and across my face, about a 8in. scar. Half of my eyebrow is also missing due to the scar, and the rest of the scar is quite noticeable.

Two days ago, I began using a scar treatment that was highly recommended to me - Mederma. I have very high hopes in this product. I apply this product religiously 3/4 times a day, and will do so for 8 months as directed. Due to the intense itching, I apply Cocoa butter w/ Vitamin E before bed.
Besides scar revision surgery, does anyone have any other recommendations?

Everyone tells me I am very lucky to me alive, but on the same note I dont want to live a ugly life w/ my head down in embarassment.

Please help me!! Anyone..

Thank you,
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Well, first I'll say that you really are lucky to be alive. I won't however begin to lecture you about the importance of seatbelts, I think you know that now. That being said, I will give you a little lecture on scars.

First of all, you must understand that for every problem there is a solution. While your scar may seem a bad right now, it can and will get better.

Here are my recommendations:

1. Try to keep the area as clean as possible using Cetaphil, which is a very mild cleanser. Try to keep the area moisturised with polysporin.

2. Massage the area daily to increase blood flow and assist in skin recovery.

3. Supplement your daily meals with skin fortifying vitamins. Check GNC for their Hair, Skin, and Nail supplement.

4. Eat well and drink plenty of water so that you give your body all the necessary tools to help it recover.

5. Consider using Cicaplast. It's recommended for scars and post-laser procedures. I can tell you first hand that this is a very good product.

6. Relax and realize that there are worse things that could have happened. You won't live an ugly life, trust me. Enjoy each and every moment of your life, as you probably experienced, its something that shouldn't be taken for granted.
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Number 6 is really beautiful advice! You are very lucky, Whasda!

Omegas (found in fish oil) and Vitamin B supplements can really support the healing process of the skin. They help the skin to stay supple. You just had this accident, right? This is the most crucial period because your "scar" isn't quite a scar yet - believe it or not - Freddy's advice is solid advice. Wait and see what happens in the next three months as your "scar" will probably go through many phases. Don't pick scabs!!
Actually, if anything DL just gave you the best possible advice. DO NOT PICK THE SCABS!
Hi Freddy & DL,

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly respond to my post. I really didn't know what to do until now.
I will def. get a hold of the products you have recommended asap.

Thanks again,
Lots of people say (and it seems there's lots of research studies behind it if you search the Internet) that rose hip oil is very good for healing accidental and surgical scars.
and Vit E - read Momof2girls' account of her child's recovery using it for a burn.

I have a 3 1/2 inch scar on the right side of my face that I got when I was a toddler. it is right in my smile line...but noticeable.....on my right side of my face, from my ear down to my check, I have a scar twice that long.....I got that from a car accident when I was 21. I put vit e oil on it when it was healing and did not scratch it. I don't even think about my scars and have a positive self esteem......quite attractive in spite too. I know that how you feel about yourself reflects on the outside.....accept your scar.....and you will be surprised......I have even gotten to a place where my scars are a part of me, and build mystery. Good luck, and be confident......
Wow. Comparing scars thread!

I went thru a windshield face first as a toddler (unrestrained in the front seat). I had facial lacerations and a torn eyebrow. No particular wound care was done to the stitches and it healed fine w/o infection. I still have a slight scar that is barely visible and so I wear bangs to cover it. Makes me feel like a warrior girl to have a battle scar!

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Lavender oil is another product that can be used on scars.
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