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facials for men - what to look for, freddy please help :-)

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considering getting a facial done after ready reading freddys posts, this is also to help me determine my 'skin type'

i have purchased the products freddy has recommend and use clearasil as a cleanser till i run out, i still do not use a moisturizer, i do not use sun screen, i am 26

so, there are a few places nearby my work who are 'male only' and i would like to make an appointment but don't understand why a facial might be $50-80+ when it feels like they are just giving u a nice massage :)

i dont want a massage i would like some advice and i would like them to make my skin look better - the same reason i visit my dentist for clean or occasional whitening.

can someone offer some advice?

here is one of the places im talking about:
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What you need to look for when you go to the spa is the following:

A place that is comfortable.
A place that is relaxing.
A place that you feel like you are welcomed. If you feel like they feel that you should be thankful for them allowing you to get a facial from them, go elsewhere. In other words, they should be thankful to have you there, not the other way around.
An aesthetician that knows what they're doing. Avoid the places that hire students fresh out of school. They have no idea what the hell they're doing. There is no replacement for experience, but remember that experience can also mean ignorance to new developments.
A place that is affordable. I can tell that their express facial is a rip-off since it doesn't include extractions. What the hell is the point of a facial if they don't even extract all the crap from your face?

You are right, their $50-$60 dollar facials are a rip off. Their deep clean facial looks "OK," and their "Executive" facial looks hyped up and over-priced to be honest. Like I said, their $100 dollar facial looks the most balanced. For $100 dollars though they should use the machine that gives little shocks of electricity that helps kill bacteria on the skin.

A good extraction should never consist of using the finger nails. They should use a little tool that looks like a small spoon to scoop material near the edge of the nose. So in other words, if they don't use the tool don't waste your time with them.

Another thing to look for is the use of clean, sterilized, NEW needles to help prick the top of stubborn white and blackheads. The reason for this is that the skin is poked and then material can be extracted without creating a bloody mess. If they don't use this it will mean that they won't be able to extract hard to get material or if they do, they'll do it with unnecessary force and cause excess damage to the skin.
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