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Fading Reds

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I have dark brown hair and have been using red dye for a while now. But what I hate is that red always fades really easily and the vibrancy goes away. Any tips on how to keep it bright and funky?
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I agree.....and yes red does fade faster (my hair stylist says so too). Just try to find a good color keeper shampoo and conditioner (forgive the word 'keeper'.....went blank on the correct word - LOL).
Yea, surprisingly red fades faster than browns.... Anyway, try some products meant to prolong color which are so many! I recommend [Paul Mitchells color care] Welcome It's meant to prolong color or you could just look on labels and look for ones that say helps to keep color. You still have to get your color refreshed every once in a while though...
The brighter the pigment (like reds) the faster it will fade. That's just how it is I guess.
Right, red is notoriously the fastest fading color. Try the color maintainer shampoos that are out there. I use the chestnut one from John Frieda and it works pretty well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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