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Few tips needed

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Well where do i start lol, hard life

1. Right hand side of my face i have spot marks? red/black colour cant really tell, ive tried to get rid of them and cant, anyone able to tell me of any products, that have been tried and tested and work..? (i live in Scotland, UK)

2. I have dry skin spots on my head, i got advised to use Baby Shampoo by my hairdresser but that hasnt really worked either, i also have this cream from my doctor (yes i went to the doctor about this!) and it worked to an extent, but it wouldnt get rid of the spots, they would creep back up after a while, really annoying, as when i get a haircut, obviously they become visible which is quite rubbish

3. Bags under eyes, more like the circles .. any help on that too?
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1. Hi dear, try using a moisturizer with calendula or chamomile, that will help lighten dark spots. You can also tone with Aloe Vera, which is extremely healing. Also, where a light sunscreen so the sun doesn't darken them any more. I know it's cloudy in Scotland, but you can still be affected by UVA and UVB rays : ).
2. First tip for any dryness: drink a ton of water. As much as you can! If the dryness is on your scalp try using an anti dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders. If it's on your hairline, make sure you're exfoliating regularly and use a moisturizer every morning and evening after cleansing.
3. For the bags...make sure you're getting plenty of sleep, take a multivitamin daily. Dark circles are usually caused when hemoglobin is broken down in the small blood vessels around your eyes. This is completely natural, but the hemoglobin goes from a red blood color to dark bluish (hence the discoloration). Try placing cool tea bags over closed eyes for ten minutes or so, this should help a little. You can use green, black or white tea (the caffeine reduces water retention and helps dark circles and puffiness) or use chamomile tea which is anti-inflammatory and gently lightens.

Hope this helped. Good luck!
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thanks, il try that!

whats your views on blackhead and removing them from the nose area..?
I've had great success with Biore pore strips when it comes to black heads on the nose. It's freakin DISTURBING how much gunk those things get out! Also, exfoliating is key. Try toning with a product containing witch hazel as a main ingredient. Or get your hands on some straight witch hazel, just make sure the alcohol content is no more than 15%, otherwise it will be too drying. Witch hazel is great for blackheads, zits and acne.
I'm actually starting my own skin care line of non toxic, highly organic products. I have a toner with aloe and witch hazel that would work great for you. If you want, I'll let you know when it's on the market ; ).
Have a good one!
For the dry skin on your head you need to use a shampoo without SLS which could be the problem. Lush make a solid shampoo called Soak & Float, it really stinks like a campfire but has helped me more than the cream I got from the doctor. I had horrible dry flakes which got sore in the winter but this shampoo has helped like nothing else.
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