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Finally a high end and all natural face cream

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Here begins the story,

Well I am twenty years old and was in need of a really good face cream. Why would a twenty year old need face cream right? To begin I think I lived in a tanning bed more than in my own house. I would bounce to three different tanning places and this wreaked havoc on my skin. I began to notice I had sun spots and wrinkles on my forehead and lower face. I tried many products most of them were high end products from department stores but none of them really worked. I mean I didn't have a super lot to repair but the sun spots were really bad. So I was visiting with my aunt and noticed her skin looked tighter, the wrinkles were softened, and her pigment was better. So I said what did you do to your skin and looked at me like what are you talking about and I said it looks great. She said I was online and found this all natural face cream. Being that the face cream is all natural is super important to me cause I try to be natural and respectful to myself and the environment so it being all natural in its self was enough to have me sold.

The ending to the story is probally what most of you would assume. My face looks great and all the damage done prior has been slowly but surely repaired. Yup so thats my happy ending! . It is a bit expensive but if its in the budget I would def give this a try. The name of the company that makes the product is called Bfella Liniments.
Thanks for reading!
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I believe that the use of natural things is the best for our bodies!
I agree. I'm a natural prodcut user also and used to have a severe acne, oily and a chain smoker also. My skin repaired itself in less than 3months by using natural product. I will never go back to chemical based skin care lines. I love my cleanser and regenerator serum. I also believe that functional food /dietary supplemetn/sublingual helps alot on my skin recovery. I take HA (hyaluronic acid)tonic plus everyday with Blueberry powder for anti-oxidant

Functional Aging means wisdom when
"We put life into our years, not years into our lives" .
I agree on going all natural for sure. Longevity - where do you get the blueberry powder?
All natural products are best for our skin and health for sure.
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