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Finally want to take action...

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I've had this scar for more than six years now and now want to take action! I know it is a bit late, but hopefully not TOO late. What can you guys tell me about this:
They're two dark spots and I really hate them. I feel really self conscience all the time...I'm 17 if that matters.
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The scar has done two things do your skin, discoloration and depression.

Discoloration is the browness compared to the rest of your skin, depression is the lowered part of the scar in relation to the rest of your skin. So you'll need to address both those things in order to fix your scar.

You'll need to remember that nothing will be completely removed, but you can make it better. You could try Microdermabrasion for your scars, if it doesn't work then you can go see a cosmetic surgeon who will inject the scar in order to raise it while using a laser to even out the pigmentation and level the scar.
Also with microdermabrasion you can try a fade cream.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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