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Fine lines on eyelids? Need a solution!

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I was born with double crease eyelid which I like (I'm 15 now). And a couple years ago I woke up with a few fine lines on both my eyelids and it ruined the whole eyelids. It folds over those lines in like ONE BIG crease just like the chinese eyelids! (No offense pls!) Maybe its because I like to stretch out my eyelids when I was young.

Do you know how I can firm up my eyelid & erase those lines and get my double crease back? Any top tricks I can apply? Pls! This is SERIOUS!!

Thanks in advance,
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oh, come on. can somebody help me pls? this is serious. I don't go out since this weird thing happen. Any tips on firming eyelids to remove any wrinkles on it??
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