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So I've had skin problems since I was 12 years old (now being 20). Started with eczema that led up from my elbow and across to my back, which has since turned into a small annoying spot that turns red and itchy durning winter times. Not only that but I've had horrible dry skin since this started, the majority of horrible dry skin has always been on my finger tips.

Occasionally, I say occasionally due to the fact that I can find no link to why it happens, my fingers mostly shed off the top layers of their skin.

And by layers, I mean LAYERS. To the point where you can clearly see where it has peeled due to the fact that a skin wall forms around it.

This has been happening since I was young. I've gone to the dermatologist and they've treated all my other issues yet none of them have even helped with my hands. I'm told to use lotion.... Of course I already use lotion so thats not to much help.

Not only that, I work at a bookstore. My hands are constantly grabbing book after book and they dry my hands out instantly. I try to wear gloves but they interfere with work. I use lotion as constantly as I can but it doesn't solve that much.

Growing up I wore gloves to bed filled with cream to help.

What is it thats happening to my hands? My eczema use to hit in the Winter and still sorta does. But my hands do it when ever they choose. Doesn't matter the weather or any other thing I can think of.

Is there something I can do so I never have to have this happen to me again? Or at least a quick fix to when it does happen?

I've searched the web to no avail, hers a picture below.

By the way the photo was taken a little bit after a shower, so thats not how horrible it normally looks but either way theres still something not normal about it.
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