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I haven't posted on this site in a while as it's been a bit dead. But I'm starting to finish up my skincare goals. I'm going to post my progress and what I've done so far. I have used some dangerous products so please be careful, however, this is what worked for me. Currently, I am weaning off. The main side effects I had were some tiny stretches due to me not being consistent and skin-building, so now I am weaning off into a steroid-free mix and from there will lighten another 3 months (just to get back any shades I rebounded) and then once I reached my ultimate goal, will wean and use only natural products for a month or two and maintain.

I started my journey in May. Originally I was considered a medium brown/darkish shade. I know this because my NC45 concealer at one point used to be extremely light. After months of exfoliating, I started using a mix of max light and tube labidjnaise. I became VERY noticeably light within 2 months of use but didn't do it properly as my face looked blanched compared to my body, and had an uneven and "pale" tone, which I didn't like. I took a break to let everything get darker then started back on my routine. I have the worst consistency ever so I would skip days, take week-long breaks, and often not even do a nighttime regi.

The second go-around my skin got evenly lighter and I went from around a Fenty 385 to somewhere a bit darker than the Mac NC42 range. I noticed a few stretches so I am detoxing and weaning off steroids now. I use my labi mix every 3rd day, and every 2 weeks I will add another day that I dont use it. My new mix for the body is dodo lotion and oil, and the labi tub is just HQ. I do this every day while I wean as well as take vitamin c, MSM, astaxanthin, pycnogenol, and a glutathione/vitamin powder. I also recently started drinking 64oz of water with ACV to help. My next plan is to do weekly LA peels on the body.

My face is a mix of HQ-free nadinola, and a little dodo oil/lotion. I use kojic soap or goats milk soap to shower, LA lotion and Retin-A at night, and skin build with a mix of shea butter and almond oil. My main issue is being consistent which is why it took me so long to wean off. So far, I have not lost any shades but I would not recommend doing this the way I did. Despite most people calling me light now, depending on the setting I am in I still see myself as brown or dark brown, which I think also has to do with the roid usage. I'm hoping once I wean off completely and continue using supplements that this issue will go away.

Example of my before shade:
Forehead Nose Brown Cheek Skin

My after is close to a chloe bailey or nicki minaj color, however, I feel like in dark light settings or shadows I still look very brown.
Joint Lip Hairstyle Outerwear Eyebrow

Lip Eyebrow Eyelash Wedding dress Ringlet

My main focus right now is getting off roids without a drastic redarken. My ultimate goal shade is to be tan cassie. I'm not too far off but It will probably take a few months to get there and maintain.

Nose Skin Joint Head Lip
Forehead Joint Skin Head Chin

Any advice in the comments pertaining to what I post is appreciated. I know there will be a bit of darkening to an extent when I wean off, but the process I'm using helps make sure I don't revert back to where I started. I wish I could do it faster but at least I caught up now! Especially concerning the issue with looking darker indoors, any help or regi critique will be appreciated. I will post my regi below.
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