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Food Question

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For my work I spend a lot of time outside, and right now it's cold. Does anyone know of any "energizing" meals/foods to help keep me warm? Calories are not a concern. I swear I'm feeling the need to put on some winter weight! Right now Grilled cheese sandwiches are a staple.
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here is what I found on google:

Eating is another antidote to cold, since the digestion process produces heat. Choose something hot. Cocoa and Jalapenos! Although the amount of actual heat ingested is small, hot foods and beverages give the nervous system a warmth signal that encourages blood flow to the extremities. Spicy foods will do this too.

* Skip the Bud, Bud! Alcohol is poor choice when you're chilled. Alcohol is dehydrating and may suppress shivering, the involuntary muscle contraction through which the body warms itself.
* No Smoking! Tobacco also constricts blood vessels and acts to cool the body.
* Meat to Heat! Eating foods high in iron such as red meats and green leafy vegetables can help keep you warm. The body needs iron to make the thyroid hormone which stimulates heat production.
Thank you.

I'll remember this for next week, and let you know how it turns out.
It is not necessary to grow thin !
Read this
It is not necessary to grow thin !
Read this
Huh? I asked nothing about "growing thin" or losing weight.
I too need all the calories I can get in the winter, my favorite winter staples:

breakfast: veggie/ham/cheese omellett or pancakes with fruit
but if I am in a rush, I go with oatmeal or power bars

Lunch: any kind of sandwich melt- like a tuna melt, or as you mentioned grilled cheese but I like it with ham or turkey

Dinner: steak and potato dinner. Marinate steak for an hour or more with 1-2 cups of cabernet red wine, some dashes of olive oil, sprinkle brown sugar, salt and pepper and about 1 tbs butter and in a pan you can add fresh garlic, cut up green or red peppers and onion for extra flavor (prep time: 10 minutes, cook time: in a frying pan anywhere between 5-10 minutes depending on your preference)

for a spicy, hot drink:

a Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate-

1 ounce chocolate sauce (hersheys works)

Add a small dash of Cayenne pepper

A tiny pinch of cinnamon

A few drops of Vanilla syrup (not vanilla extract)

1 cardamom seed

1 cup warm milk

I used to work at espresso bar/cafe ;-)

Vanilla and cardamom are not super important, but with all of those ingredients, it is a divine drink. It reminds me of the hot chocolate drink from the movie Chocolat
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Anything spicy would definitely help. You might want to try Thai food.
This sounds a bit wierd but I love it...and it's really good for you. You do need to have a juicer on hand to make it though.

Juice several carrots and an apple or two and add as much cayenne pepper as you can handle...really good and you'll get really warm if you use enough or too much) cayenne. I love spicy things so this makes a really great healthy energy drink for me.
try supplementing with Vitamin d3.

Read some articles about d3 on the web, they are very interesting.
*hearty Soups and big salads*

Green tea will help suppress your appetite. It also has caffeine so needless to say it will energize you. I do not like to drink tea but I take green tea dietary supplements.
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