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Frazzled mom checking y'all out

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Greetings from Canada - I don't mind the cold, can't say the same for my cheeks : }

Frazzled mom looking to simplify the beauty routine & pair down with organic/natural/greener products - Any sulfate/paraben free recommendations would be great : )

I've chopped off most of my damaged hair & tossed the toxic make-up bag if only I could drag myself back to the gym for a good sweat! Cheers ; p
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Good for you! Shed all the unnecessary stuff and start new! Welcome!

Thanks fawnie : )
This site is awesome, I've only been on for a few days but I'm hooked - which is a good thing 'cuz it's informative, fun & cheaper than eBay! ; p

I've had an order of Aloette (that I purchased in a midnight moment of madness from the shopping channel) waiting for me at the post office for over a week. After reading the reviews here I think I'll pick it up and give'r a try!

So thanks to All - keep the product reviews coming : )
Wow - I'm an SCT Enthusiast already!

Thanks for keeping me off eBay guys & dolls! My man will appreciate it ...unless he finds the bill from the shopping channel!

I tried the Aloette enzyme peel tonight - I think I used to much as I was rubbing in circles for 20 mins, but I am impressed - very smooth! (and a little red, but that's standard for me)
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i am a way old timer. sounds like you are doing a complete makeover. i need to talk myself into some excersise also. only think i can do is walk and i can't overdo on that or my hips give out on me. i will start soon. glad to have you here. i was an ebay addict too. the prices just got so high for shipping i just kindof called it quits. good luck here. there is some really good information.
Stiletto con carne: what did you purchase from aloette, I've been using the product for 3 weeks now and love it: Ageless science, time restpre, Vit C powder, max moisture complets C3 cellulor correcting complet,, line relief and day cream with SPF15.......................
I need a complete makeover, and a new hobby - so it's in with "self improvement" & out with mindless consumerism: I do NOT need another pair of shoes, earrings, throw pillows ... ; p

My skin profile for anyone who's interested in how the new Aloette regimen works out is:

very fair (but I'm not blonde)
history of sun damage
neither oily, nor dry - normal I guess?
No regular breakouts, but all sunscreens give me white heads
sensitive & prone to redness & cheek flushing
medium/large? pores on cheeks
some uneveness in tone with a few sun spots
somewhat dehydrated skin as my water intake has been low, moisturizing inconsistently, foregoing supplements & general exhaustion as comes with 2 kids under 2 1/2 : o

I purchased the Aloette "Today's Showstopper" in early March which included:

Pure Radiance Revitalizing cleanser
C3 Cellular Correcting Complex serum
Dual action BioC vitamin c powder
Time Restore firming serum
Line Relief concentrate
Maximum Moisture complex

I also got the "4 piece essential eyes" kit:

Advanced Eye Recovery Pro with DemaBind
Lift & Glow eye prep
Look Alive eyeshadow base power

And I bought the "Restorative enzyme peel" ...

I've been using the products regularly for about a week and have to say although the line isn't as "pure" as I would have liked, (I am not a "nature nazi" just yet) so far I am pleasantly surprised & impressed. : )
I don't normally stick with a routine for any length of time, but I am going to stick this out for a full month for cummulative results
before I decide if it's worth the $ re-investment.

...Wish me luck!
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Chelsie: how do you find the SPF 15 day cream?
I usually use SPF30 if I know I'm going to be out and 45-60 on my face in the summer .... I'm never happy with sunscreens for one reason or another ...
Good luck Stiletto con Carne- on your Aloette regimen. The only way you will know if it will work for you, is to give it time. I have never used this line before, but have heard great things about it. So, good luck and keep us posted on how it is working for ya!
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