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I tried the Sheer Skin hair removal buffers & boy do I have mixed results!

I used it on my forearms to get rid of my very light, very fine, short fuzzies and must say I was pleased with the results. Although it took longer than I was expecting, buffing & buffing & buffing in circles ...when it was all said & done my arms were soft & smooth with no irritation - it even made my self tanner look better - Hooray! ...

Well I was so excited I decided to try it on my "peach fuzz 'stache" which I have never messed with before as I have sensitive skin. Being very fair it's not really noticable, but I hate catching a glimpse of it in direct sunlight at that unflattering side angle ....

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Now the area around my mouth has that "scraped knee" feeling & looks irritated! The redness has subsided, but 4 days later it's still rough!

With all the effort I've put into my skin care regimen the last 6 weeks my face was just starting to look really nice: smooth & soft, more even toned that usual ... I feel like a right eejiot.

Any ideas on how to restore the normal texture, or do I have to wait it out?

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Stiletto- I love reading your posts, they make me laugh and remind me of my sillyness!! I am like you.......start on the arms........and hmmmmm what else can I use this on.........Then..... oh crap what have I done!!!
Also, I know with my skin, if it is close to that time of month, my face reacts VERY different to any product I use to try and remove the fuzzy face.

Hey, why not give the honey a try. It is seeming to work for most people. Fawnie swears by it. Look under the search for honey masks. Manuka is supposed to be the best for this!

Good luck to you! For the fuzz on the face have you ever tried threading or even waxing it? I do both on my face. When I am in a hurry and I want the fuzz free on my face I will use the Nair gentle face cream, it works fast. Leaves a little redness so I always apply it a night before bed, so the redness is gone by morning-
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