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Hi Pumi,

Galvanic facial uses a Galvanic gadget that give a steady, direct galvanic current to introduce water-soluble substance to the body through the skin. The capacity of the skin to absorb is increased and this improves the penetration of products through the skin. To treat specific problems this helps make it easier. This type of facial is best for those with dry, dehydrated skin since it helps improve moisture retention. This facial also helps to remove congestion.

An excellent way to revitalize the skin and help the active ingredients of skin products gain deep penetration into your skin is through a Galvanic facial. A Galvanic facial can give you a much deeper penetration of ingredients than manual applications. It also reduces the oiliness of the skin for those prone to acne while helping to clean congestion. This type of facial helps improve the normal functions of the skin by helping to improve the skinâ€2122s blood circulation. Products can be absorbed directly through the skin with this facial.

A Galvanic facial can help increase the efficiency of any skin treatment. According to the individual skin type or the individual problem that someone wants to resolve the skin is prepared at the start of the facial. To prepare the skin it is typical to use cleansing and ozone. Then a specialized formulation is used to start the Galvanic treatment.

This treatment can help remove sebaceous blockage and clear congestion that leads to acne which makes it a good option for those who suffer from acne. During the facial process a hydrating and nourishing substance needs to be applied in order for those with dry and normal skins to benefit from this type of facial. This is the best facial option to choose for those who need to rejuvenate and revitalize their skin

Hope this helps!

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