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Hi Louise, you've probably already made your decision about buying or not buying a galvanic machine, but as an esthetician I will tell you this:
Galvanic current is designed to make certain products penetrate into the skin more effectively than by just applying them by hand. once it's in your skin, how well the product works depends entirely on the product. Unfortunately, galvanic current does not work with any product. The products must be specifically designed with a positive or negative ionic charges, and you must set the galvanic machine to the opposite current of the product, thereby creating a sort of electical current through your body. It's an old method..not something new in professional skin care. The tricky parts are these: 1) I have never seen a mass market product list its ionic charge on the label & I'm not sure that the home galvanic machines allow a choice of - or + settings, so you would most likely have to use the products sold by the maker of the device. 2) If you have heart trouble, or various other medical conditions you must avoid electical machines like this.

If you use a galvanic-appropriate product, because the serum's penetration is enhanced, people with dry skin will probably see improvement in their hydration level. That can translates into younger-looking skin, but if your hydration level is already normal, and you have deep wrinkles, you probably won't see much if any difference. If you are on a fixed income, I encourage you to SAVE YOUR MONEY! Try ROC with retinol, or products from the Olay Regenerist line. They are less clostly then Arden, but are very high quality. The Regenerist serum even contains the same peptides as Strivectin at a fraction of the cost. Peptides combined with retinol and sunbock are your best bets.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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