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genetic dark circles under eyes

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has anyone found success hiding these things? not only do i have the black circles, but they always seem a bit puffy too. I have used several concealers, but they just seem to accent 40, but these things really age me.
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How far in are you willing to go to get rid of them? In other words, what's your budget?
Dark circles and puffiness can be related to a couple of things (sluggish liver, anemia, too much salt and retention of water - your kidneys might struggle to get rid of toxins, etc). Speak you a nutritionist and get the bigger picture before you actually start spending loads of money on cosmetic procedures! Work on the cause rather than effect!
Have you tried applying cucumber slices or cold used tea bags on your eyes? These might help to diminish the puffiness and dark circles.
Here is another home remedy

Orange Juice


Mix the 3 ingredients together. Make sure that you have more amount of flour because its what makes it silky and have texture. Freeze it for a few minutes but if your orange juice is cold you dont really have too. Rub it on the edges of your circles for 10- 15 minutes. NOTE: This would not remove the whole thing it would just lighten and reduce it.
I always look for eyecreams with CHRYSIN as one of the ingredients. It seems to fade the circles under my eyes well. Any number of products out there has it: Vanilyx, Bright-I, Hyelexin, to name a few. You do have to use it regularly to see the effects and then if you stop using it, the circles will come back.

I have the same exact problem. My eyes seem to always have dark circles(some days more than others) and a bit of puffiness. It is something that I believe is genetic as I see other people in my family with them. I have started using Shiseido brightening eye cream lately and it is helping somewhat. I've heard of this Hyelexin product, does it really work?
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