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Glutathione pills -Low absorption.A waste of money

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As I mentionjed earlier in another string regarding Glutahione pills, the absorption rate is low.

Here is what else I discovered as well:

Quote: As Dr. David L. Phillips , writes in Glutathione, A Protien Vital to Life, Part 2, supplementing with oral glutathione won't work. The glutathione in your cells needs to be made by your cells. Taking Glutathione (GSH) orally , like a vitamin, is a waste of money. Your digestive system will break it down and little good will come of that effort."

Because of hydrolysis of glutathione by intestinal and hepatic gamma-glutamyltransferase, dietary glutathione is not a major determinant of circulating glutathione, and it is not possible to increase circulating glutathione to a clinacally beneficial extent by the oral administration of a single dose of glutathione"......

--- NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine, a precursor to glutathione is an excellent option.
NAC is quickly metabolized into glutathione once it enters the body. It has been proven in numerous scientific studies and clinical trials, to boost intracellular production of glutathione.

Personally, I now take 500 mg of NAC twice a day (total 1000 mg)

Don't waste your money on Glutathione pills for skin Lightening. It simply does not work. I have however, heard of and read that some people take injections of glutathione, administered by a doctor.

I'll stick to NAC pills for now.
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hi, u r taking NAC pills twice a day....have u found any improvement!
NAC is a great supplement. Been taking it for many years.
It's actually a drug listed in the PDR as Mucomyst.
What is NAC & what is it doing for you?
Thank you for the information. Are you taking it for general health or does it have an effect on skin too?
Thank you for the information. Are you taking it for general health or does it have an effect on skin too?
For general health. I'm not sure exactly the effect it has on the skin. Might wind up as a topical serum I use one day though.
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How long have you been taking NAC, what are your results with this treatment?
How long have you been taking NAC, what are your results with this treatment?
Many years for me. More than I can remember. I notice nothing when taking it but then again I take so many supps and am in excellent health.
There has been research done that says glutathione is not digested when taken orally...this is a proven fact but there is a new technology out called LIPOSOMAL GLUTATHIONE (it was developed for kids who have autism so it must cause the body to absorb glutathione) that is suppose to have a great absorption just beginning my research on this issue...a bottle costs about $50- $60 bucks thats pretty expensive but it would be worth it if glutathioone actually whitens when pretty confused on whether i should make this investment and see if it works...

cant really post websites yet as the forum doesnt allow me to post urls of websites until i have made 15 posts...just do a google search on liposomal glutathione...lemme know what everybody thinks and whether its worth s try
another question i had is if anybody knows that if there is clinical studies done that if glutathione can infact be absorbed properly, then it can whiten? or is it just a hype?? the problem before was that it cant be absorbed because of its inherent properties as a chemical but with the new liposomal technogoly there have been clinical studies done that there is almost a 90% absorption rate into the body...
I checked on Google Scholar & couldn't find a single study proving that glutathione supplements or injections whiten skin.
I have found some articles studies done on glutathione

cant post the link but go to

then click on the research tab

what do you guys think?
Hi! I just checked that out & it has all the hallmarks of a scam. If you go to research as you suggested then go to scholarly journal articles & actually READ the article, it says absolutely NOTHING about whitening skin. It says a lot about the role glutathione plats in certain cancers, BUT it does NOT specify that these supplements were studied in the dose & format suggested & that they were proven to do anything whatsoever. The photos of 'before & after' users looked fake (one photo I recall seeing in the Nur76 ads!) Do not be fooled! The female so-called 'real clients' look strangely like strippers or die store hookers (with the exception of the woman from the Nur76 ad).

You are correct that there are a few studies on glutathione, but none specifically about taking it in supplement form for skin whitening. 'Research' on product sales sites is always iffy. Of course they will imply that it works & it is safe! The hilarious thing is that they show models on their home page who are white Europeans! They did NOT get that way from a supplement. Hang on to your $$$ & do NOT click on PAY.
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the pills on that website are the same pills that all these companies from the phillipines were selling from - ive tried those pills before but learned that glutathione is not well absorbed and theyre the same pills you can get in gnc - L-glutathione

I was just wondering if the research had any validity...i couldnt open up some of the articles becasue they were linked to another website in whcih you had to pay to see the articles...but the abtract said something about glutathione inhibiting tyronese activity or something like that couldnt get the whole jist of it from just the abtract...

what do you think of this?

Readisorb: ReadiSorb Liposomal Glutathione

or are you totally against using glutathione?
It is not that I'm against the Glutathione, it is just that there is NO compelling evidence from scientific testing that it whitens skin. Even with the link you posted above, it is the ad-babble of a company hawking its own product. EVERY page states that the FDA has not substantiated their claims & that their product is not meant to treat, diagnose blablabla any condition- so what are we to believe it does? They mention vagaries such as glutathione 'playing a role' in 'various disease conditions and states'. What does that even mean? Every reader will read it differently. There isn't a shred of evidence on that entire site that glutathione diluted in water in the amount they suggest does anything whatsoever. I would like to see any company sellig non-scientifically proven products shut down. Too many shuysters are making a killing sellig false hopes. Anti-wrinkle creams & skin whitening products are some of the worst offenders.

Some sites post scientific studies (like the first site you suggested) that have nothing to do with the actual product they're selling! People get baffled by the scientific terminology & assume 'it must be true'-which it likely IS-IF you understand it in its correct context: it has nothing to do with the pills & powders being sold. The study was not even done on their product!

Here's the thing: IF these pills actually DID lighten, there would hardly be a tan or brown person left in the Phillippines. They are so widely used that there would be masses of happily lightened people. There aren't. HQ, Monobenzone, Retin A & a few other compounds have been scientifically proven many times over to effectively lighten skindepending upon the strength, dose & usage. As soon as someone can show me this type of evidence about glutathione, I'll gladly try it myself. Ad copy is not research. Don't be fooled!
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what do you of dr thienna ho's method to use sulfur and msm ?...i have a friend who has her book and it shes shows some before and after pictures that look legit and..the point of her book is that more sulfur intake and less toxin intake will eventually lighten your skin..

if you look on google and search for the site where her the patent she filed is...she has done a study on people who used msm orally and topically and lightened up what your views on this?

what exactly do you use for skin lightenign currently?
If you decide that you would like to use glutathione for skin lightening I would advise you look into this website: .::Welcome to Biologica medical spa and anti-aging institute::. Located in Cali
or this one Intravenous Glutathione Located in Glendale, AZ

They offer procedures for getting glutathione injections that lighten the skin.
As for lightening skin by removing toxins, this is a myth that smacks of racism. Melanin production is not an indicator of toxicity. One of the most toxic treatents is chemotherapy. People undergoing chemo often turn chalk white despite being very ill & full of toxic chemicals. Many diseases make people pale. High levels of melanin is NOT an indicator that a person is ridled with toxins nor that s/he is ill. A person can have blue/black skin (like Manute Bol & Alec Wek) & be perfectly healthy.

People are always looking for new alternatives to established treatments. This is a good thing, since sometimes new discoveries emerge. The danger is using new alternatives where there's a lack of scientific evidence to support the product. Anecdotes, testimonials, 'photos' & persuasive scientific sounding advertizing copy do NOT amount to a shred of proof. Sometimes products need to be used in a very particular manner, at specific times & in specific doses in order to 'work'. Calcuim, we all know, builds bones: try throwing it into a pile & seeing if a skeleton emerges!

I will check out your link on IV glutathione as someone else here was asking about it.
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