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The thought of getting Botox or any procedure done to my face to get rid of wrinkles frightens me.
Instead I have been going to skin spas for the past few years.
In the past they have used freeze-dried collagen fibre masks on my face to lessen the appearance of my wrinkles and to take away the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes, but the results are only temporary.
I wanted to find a product to use at home that gave me the same or similar results. I had been looking for products that had Myoxinol in it, because I found out that it is from hibiscus flowers and helps relax tissue for an advanced anti-wrinkle action. It?s not permanent, but repeated use is supposed to give you results.
I asked a skin spa if they knew of any products that I could use at home to get these results. To my surprise I discovered that Reviva Labs introduced new controu-cut under-eye Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads with Myoxinol infused into the collagen fibre.
I went to a local health foods store and bought it and tried it.
I?ve been really pleased with the results. I?ve been using it once a week for a month now and can notice a difference in my wrinkles and underneath my eyes. The benefit I discovered of using Reviva?s Collagen-Fibre Eye Pads at home is that the anti-wrinkle effect is intensified by both the moisture and tissue-relaxing action.
You get 4 pairs of the collagen fibre eye pads in the box and a small bottle of skin energizing gel, which is a mineral-rich sea plant concentrate, and it enhances your skins response to the collagen. I?m going to keep using the product so I?ll let you know if I notice any more improvements to my skin.
Has anyone else tried this and have gotten results?

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