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Good Morning everyone, I am very happy to be a part of this forum. I am a very happy out going 60 odd year old . My skin is terrific everyone tells me very littte lines and nice and smooth but I do work at it and try to always up date my skincare line. I do like suggestions when ever possible. My only belief is to look healthy a person has to work at it,lots of outdoor activities( with sunscreen#45) and a healthy eating program. I keep busy all the time running a big house and caring for 2 dogs2 cats etc. helping friends and neighbors. I have 2 lovely grandc hildren , one is challenged so that is alot of emotional stress but I adore that child as well as the other. How does my skin stay so very glowing and healthy? I think most of all because it is of my atitude then the above. Have a great day! I would like to hear from you and get into the contests.
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