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Good Weight Loss Exercise Videos

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I love exercise videos, since I believe that going to the gym is tooo expensive. And I also like working out in the comfort of my own home.

Thus, I was wondering whether anyone here has had any success with exercise videos? How much weight did they help you loose and how soon?
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Excercise videos are a great way to workout at home, only if you follow their technique, tempo, and intensity correctly.

You can't compare how much someone lost to how much you would lose with a particular video because there are too many factors that can affect weight-loss performance, such as diet, metabolic rate, cortisol and stress levels, body weight and height, etc.

You could take a video and loose 10 lbs. and I could watch the same one and do the same stuff and not lose a pound.

Here's one...YouTube - Cindy Crawford Workout Part 3
Don't mind the chinese. lol
So I guess you're a pretty big fan of the Cindy Crawford video? Have you tried that video before? (I have the Cindy Crawford video, btw)

Also, do you know anything about the following videos:

1. Cosmopolitian workout videos
2. Gilag Jankowicz workout videos
3. Slimline workout videos
4. Superbody workout videos
5. Tae Bo Basic workout video
6. Denise Austin's kickboxing video

I went to Goodwill over the weekend to buy just one or two good workout videos. To my suprise, they had a huge special on videos. So I bought a bunch of workout videos. Most of them are from the late eighties and early ninties.
My mom used to use it when I was younger. That's how I remember them. My brother used to follow along with my mom when it was about 3 or 4. LOL

I don't use them because they are nowhere near the intensity of excercise that I partake in.
I am not a huge fan of videos (I love going to the gym) but there have been two videos that I occasionally pull out once in a while ... Ah the memories...
They are:
Denise Austin J.H. Pilates Workout (i love pilates!!!)
Tae Bo (i only have the third video for some reason but it has basic variations too)

Actually when I was prob. the most fit, 7 or so years ago, I was alternating these 2 videos and going to yoga class daily. Really that Billy Blanks is no joke! LOL
When i want to lose weight i go to jog for an hour or so, but i was recently reading that is much better and healthy to exercise in intervals, for example run for one minute and then walk for another minute, therefore your body will burn more fat after you stop exercising.
The "Curves" women's gym is based on that Philosophy. I am not a member but I have tried interval training before.

I just love to really sweat and wear myself out LOL. It is more of an emotional (hormonal) thing than a physical thing.
dragonlilly, what TAE BO workout did you use?
Did you use the Basic workout?
No ... let me go check... it is the Advanced... but there are people in the back that do modifications. I think I stole the video from my mom about 10 years ago...I knew she wasn't going to use the advanced so I took it with me to college
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How did you do it? It's pretty intense. How long did it take you to finish the entire video. My sister gave a copy of that video since I have about 60 llbs to lose.
How much did you lose with TAE BO and for how long did you do it?
It was a long time ago. And I don't weigh myself...but I remember that my waist widdled away from a size 6 to a size 3 and my butt never looked better. I was like 23 at the time then. If you watch the woman in the back - she goes much slower than the sporty girls up front. Now you have me thinking about Tae Bo...maybe I'll start up again ...
By the way i read about the interval training benefits from this page which sells the PEACE System, is a very interesting read about the many benefits from a 12 minute exercise routine and all the anti aging benefits it provides.
Interval training is definately the best way to go with cardio.
I like exercise video

tao bo - my favorite
dancing with the stars - fun to do

I don't do them as often as I would like to, but when I get bored with the treadmill I do a video. good way to stay active.
Just bumping this thread up (sorry Freddy, it IS an oldie!) in time for bikini season!

Do we have to go there right now????
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Lol, give me a week and we will talk weight loss exercise videos-

Ok I must get off of this screen for awhile. Sampson wants me to throw his golfball for him- Be back in a bit!!
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