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goopy scalp

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My daughter, who is 32 has long blonde hair with no problems until a week ago. She got a quarter-sized spot on her scalp with felt kind of she'd used some heavy-duty product on it, but she hasn't. It won't wash out and it's now covering her scalp. I've never heard of anything like it.
She just moved from an apartment that had a really bad mold problem, but her doctor didn't think it was related. He had no answer, either. I can't believe the doctor didn't even culture it!

Has anybody seen anything like this before?
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try washing her hair wish dishwashing soap, the really concentratd one. It will strip anything out of her hair and its wont do any damage, just wash it with that and put a deep conditioner on the end and see if that helps
Yeah - it will be interesting to find out if it recurs once it's all washed out.
are you sure she isn't scratching it and causing some kind of infection? is the goop clear or colored? does it smell?
Is the lesion soft? raised? red? what pattern - round? ooze? like a cyst?

Tell us more. Try head and shoulders shampoo - regular.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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