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Before I purchased green peeling oil and yellow peeling oil, I did a few weeks of research to learn about the product. I've gathered all of my notes and am sharing them with my SCT family. If you have additional information, please post it and add to the pot. There are threads about the peeling oils and there's information all over the 'net, but no one place has it for beginners to be able to follow easily.

As far as I know, there are 4 kinds of peeling oils: Green, Yellow, Pink and Blue
There may be others. In fact, I know there are others but since I'm only well versed in the Green and Yellow, I'll concentrate on those two.
The oils are formulated in the Philippines, and sold via the Internet on select web sites and on eBay. Make sure you check the sellers reputation on eBay or search SCT for names of reputable sellers.

Bottle Product Glass bottle Liquid Drink

Green Peeling Oil (GPO)
- Ingredients: Herbs & Extracts, Glycol, Retinol, Tretinoin and Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid & Peppermint
- Usage: Can apply again once skin is completely healed.
- Peeling is light to medium, depending on how many layers you apply and the thickness of the skin area
- Green color may vary from light pale green to deep green.

GPO "tingles" due to the peppermint ingredient. You should have a hydrocortisone cream on hand in the event of burning or itching.
If you feel like you are having a bad reaction to the peeling oil. Do not continue to apply it.

Yellow Peeling Oil (YPO)
- Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Tretinoin Double, Salicylic Acid
- Usage: Can repeat peel after 3 to 4 weeks (or use 3%YPO for maintenance)
- 3% Yellow Peeling Oil is a moderate peel (best for sensitive skin)
- 5% Yellow Peeling Oil is a light to medium peel
- 10% Yellow Peeling Oil is a medium peel (good for most body parts)
- 20% Yellow Peeling Oil is a heavy peel (not recommended for face; best for feet, knees, knuckles and elbows)
- For maintenance, you can use the 3% or 5% YPO. (not required)
- Yellow color may vary from light pale yellow to deep yellow.

Yellow peeling oil is a mostly uneventful peel. You may feel itching depending on the strength you are using.
Hydrocortisone cream for discomfort, or discontinue the applications if you have a bad reaction to it.


Applying the Peeling Oils
There is variance in the instructions, however the most popular application method is "3x3" or 3 times a day for 3 days.
You can use your hands or fingers, or for larger areas you can pour a small amount of oil into a bowl and use a small brush to apply it.

1. Wash the area with a mild soap. Do not scrub.
2. Apply the oil.
3. Wait 15-20 minutes and apply again.
4. Wait 15-20 minutes and apply again.

You'll do steps 2, 3, and 4 for three days in a row. Preferably at night.
GPO users, You can wash the area with cool/warm water and mild soap as needed but for best results try to forego it.
YPO users, You can wash the area with cool/warm water and mild soap on the 4th day. Do not wash the area during the application days.
Do not use exfoliation or lightening soaps.

What to Expect
- depending on the area, skin may begin to peel as early as the 2nd day of application
- tightness in and around the area where you applied the peeling oil
- area may itch or appear slightly red
- just before peeling begins you will notice that the area becomes darker than normal
- skin may appear wrinkled like elephant's skin

Waiting to Peel and When Peeling Starts
- Use only mild soap to cleanse the area. Pat dry. Do not scrub or use any manual exfoliation.
- Use a light cream or oil to moisturize or relieve tightness. Heavy oils or creams will interrupt the peeling process.
- Keep the application area completely away from the sun. Use sunscreen at all times.
- Dont put makeup, powders, or perfumes on the application area.
- Dont force peeling. Don't pick at, scratch, or pull off the skin.

When Peeling is Done
- GPO users, wait at least 7 days before resuming normal care of the area or until it is completely healed.
- YPO users, Wait at least 3-5 days before resuming normal care of the area. Use your best judgement.
- Be careful with sharp objects. New skin is very sensitive.
- Keep the area moisturized but not over saturated.

What Happens if I Dont Peel?
There are a number of scenarios that could interrupt your peeling.

Dehydration: Most seller instructions advise that you drink plenty of water.
Peel not strong enough: If GPO did not work for you, try the YPO. If you used YPO, make sure you used the appropriate solution.
Oversaturated skin: Heavy oils and creams, and some moisturizing soaps will stop the peeling process. Wash the area thoroughly with mild soap, and the peeling process should start again.

If your skin did not peel at all, you can start a new application whenever you're ready.

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I was just researching this a few hours ago trying to find a comprehensive guide and you posted this! Awesome for future reference for me and current for lurkers and other members :D
I'm glad this helped you! :yess:

I had such a time doing research. Even in reading the threads, mostly the YPO one, some people didn't post which percentage they were using so it was hard to figure out what worked and what didn't. Then I found out there are 4 kinds of YPO. Ughhhh!

Both work really well. The key is to use the right concentration for each body part.

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A couple more things that I need to add:

1. Everybody doesn't peel. Some people will flake or micropeel depending on the chemical reaction with your skin. There's nothing to worry about unless you don't notice a skin change at all.

2. Take photos. Some of the changes you won't notice without photos of your progression. Just when you think its not working, your photos may show the opposite.

3. Some sellers don't have their yellow peel marked with a strength percentage. For those sellers, you will need to send a message to ask. I would hate for any of you to waste money using a strength too light or too heavy. Dont be afraid to ask questions. If you're not comfortable with the answers, don't buy from them.

4. Some areas may peel more than once. Don't be alarmed.

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HIpvalley, which strength of YPO do you think isgood for hyperpigmentation on face?
Why buyer did you buy from?
The usage of the peeling oils and their strengths should be determined by the thickness and sensitivity of the skin you are putting it on.
Faces are delicate thin skins. I would use GPO, 5% YPO, or no more than 10% YPO on a face.

You may have to do several peels (4 weeks in between) to see the results you want.

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Thank you. Do you know any trusted seller on ebay I can order from.
Generally, the popular sellers are beautymagnet and bbjames_69. There are plenty more who are trusted and popular as well, however just because they are not mentioned here does not mean they are not a gem. Go over to eBay, find out who's near you, or who ships free, and get your stuff!

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I got mine from pinkbellaworld, the seller gets their stuff from the Philippines but is located in the U.S (Sorry i don't know your location). The bonus is the shipping is expedited and free! The seller has good reviews too.
i was just looking at her shop the other day. Good to know she has quality product. Thanks Moon.
Here's a link to the eBay store:
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